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2009 Dodgers: Road to MLB Home Stand Record

NL Home Stand Record: 2009 Los Angeles Dodgers : 11-0 (still in progress)

The Dodgers current 11-0 home stand record is the highest in the National League. Currently, Orlando Hudson leads the NL in Hits (36), while Chad Billingsley leads the NL in Wins (5). The Dodgers as a team lead the NL in Batting Avg (.284), Hits (252), Runs (141), Saves (9), and Wins (18).

AL Home Stand Record: 1911 Detroit Tigers : 12-0

The 12-0 home stand record was set by the Detroit Tigers in 1911. The Tigers started the season with 2 of the hottest hitters, Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford and went 21-2. They started the season great, but fell apart in July, losing 20 of 30 games and were 23-43 in the second half.

What’s In Our Way:

Tuesday, May 5 | Dodger Stadium | 7:10 PM PT
Max Scherzer, RHP (0-2, 3.48)
Diamondbacks (11-15)

Wednesday, May 6 | Dodger Stadium | 7:10 PM PT
Daniel Cabrera, RHP (0-2, 4.44)
Nationals (7-17)

Both pitchers we face are without wins and both teams are under .500. This record is within reach. We need our hitters to stay hot, and our pitching to be solid. Regardless of the outcome, we’re playing good ball, and it’s fun to watch!

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