2018 Dodgers Season Exit Interviews: AJ

With the 2018 Dodgers season in our rear view mirror, the Dodgers Nation Staff will be conducting ‘Exit Interviews’. These will highlight our high points and low points, and we will do our best to sum up what was one of the wildest seasons in Los Angeles Dodgers history. 

The 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers were far from my favorite team in Dodger history, unlike my buddy Clint. So often they felt like victims of their own folly (despite their mass injury list) and underwhelming. The 2018 Dodgers baseball season may be one of my favorites, though. I started at Dodgers Nation just a few weeks into the season. It was something I had really fought to be apart of once I discovered it, and I couldn’t feel more privileged to be among this group of talent and passion. That said, this addition to my life made me really appreciate this year.

That said about the Dodgers underwhelming nature at times, this team looked DOA more than once throughout the course of this year, and pushed themselves into the World Series against even my own predictions. There are a lot of notable moments for me.

Favorite Moment

Going to a game at Dodgers Stadium with @FRG, @DiamondHoggers, @Brookme3, and the ever generous @MrGaryLee rates up there. Taking a 100mph+ Yasiel Puig batting practice home run to the palm (that I didn’t catch) rates up there. Going to Chase Utley’s last game in Philly rates up there. There’s one moment that rates highest for me. I actually already editorialized it here. My wife at the last minute suggested we go to Atlanta for game 4, as we coincidentally were driving through Atlanta that day, en route home from a Florida vacation. Going to an NLCS game last year in Chicago may have been more magical. Going to a home game at Dodger stadium with the Dodgers Nation crew (or 2 days later with my family) is probably the most ideal. Going to a playoff game in Atlanta with my wife and daughter was the most special. BUT my favorite Dodger moment has to be the last 4 games of the season. We swept SF (including spanking them on the last day) and then game 163 was magical, particularly here:

Cody breaking that seal open was so huge. Then came this:

Max Muncy’s 2-run bomb was the icing on that cake, for me. Its impact was monumental. We avoided a wild card game.

Low Point

I could pick the games we lost to the Reds. I could pick a lot of moments, actually. For me the low point was actually this game at home versus the Astros.

I was in LA at the time. I was in town for various reasons, and watching this shellacking with my family was just miserable. I really thought we’d see them in the WS again, and this was ominous. This also gave them 2 out of 3 wins in LA that weekend.


When I Knew It Was Over

After Yasiel Puig’s HR in the 6th inning of game 4, I was over the moon. Ironically enough, that was a high point. For one half of a measly inning. After we surrendered a 4 run lead and gave Boston like 42 runs or something over those next few innings, it was obviously over. Down 3-1 after something so heart stomping, I was dejected. I knew it was over.

What Did I Learn About Loving/Covering The Dodgers?

This year I learned so much from my Dodgers Nation crew, Dodgers Twitter friends, and my overall worldly experiences. I learned that the Dodgers are NEVER down and out until it’s really over. I learned that you NEVER leave your glove at home, and that Yasiel Puig hits the ball really hard…(thanks Clint!)

I learned that I love doing this, and I love being a Los Angeles Dodger fan. After the 2017 World Series, I took weeks (maybe months) to recover but I’m already excited for 2019. I learned I love interacting with our Dodgers Nation family on twitter through our twitter account. I love joking and ‘calling games’ with you guys on there. I can’t wait to learn more about writing and social media. Thanks for the great year.

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AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.

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  1. Great write up on the year, AJ. The memories brought a smile to my face. I will somehow get you a ball from Chavez, before all is said and done.

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