2019 NLDS Dodger Stadium Parking Guide

The Dodgers are as popular as ever, at least that’s what the numbers say.

The Dodgers closed out their home games last week with 28 sellout games en route to their 33rd season of at least 3 million fans in attendance, an MLB record.

LA returns home starting today to start the NLDS, where they will try to make it to the World Series for the third consecutive year. Expect these games, and all playoff games, to sell out as well.

With the sheer amount of people likely headed to Chavez Ravine this fall, parking is one of the most complicated and overlooked parts of the experience. Check out our official Dodgers Nation parking guide to make the best of your stay at Blue Heaven on Earth.

A quick disclaimer before we get started. Everything parking-related is at a first come, first served basis and at the complete discretion of the parking staff, so if they tell you something different than what is listed here, listen to them because every situation varies day-to-day.

First things first, BUY PARKING AHEAD OF TIME. It’s actually cheaper that way plus if you plan on buying preferred, the best lot for you to park in might be sold out by the time you get to the gate if you wait. As of right now they aren’t selling passes online, but when it does become available you can buy your parking pass here.


Expect to dish out at least $60 for preferred parking if you decide to buy it at the gate. Once you get your pass, make sure you keep it on your dashboard at all times, even after you park. The preferred lots go in alphabetical order from A-P in a big circle around the stadium and will all be on your right hand side when you are driving. The exceptions to this are Lots F and K, which will be on your left hand side. Keep in mind that if you pass your lot, you will have to go around the stadium to get back to it as there is one way traffic throughout the stadium.

The lot you should park in should correspond directly with the section of your seats at the game. If you don’t know what side of the stadium you’re sitting on, remember this: even numbered section = right field/first base side, odd numbered section = left field/third base side. The first lot listed is the main one and Lots F, K, and H are used for overflow once those lots fill up.

[table id=8 /]


If you have an ADA placard, you may park in a preferred lot on a first come, first served basis. There is limited ADA parking in each preferred lot and after that fills up, you will be directed to park in either Lot F,  K, or H. So get there EARLY. Half an hour before the game is not early, get there as soon as you can after the autogates open. ADA will fill up quickly during the postseason. Also, make sure your placard is clearly visible, lot attendants are not mind readers and if they don’t see it, they cannot and will not let you park in their lot.

If you do end up in general parking for whatever reason (the overflow lots might fill up too), you may call the Dodger Hotline at (323) 224-2611 and request a courtesy shuttle. Once you call, they will send a golf cart to you and they will drive you to your entrance at no cost to you. It also works for returning to your car after the game. Do not flag the drivers down and directly ask them for a ride, all they will tell you is to call the hotline number. If you get bad reception or are having trouble with your phone at all, you can ask one of the lot attendants to place a call for you.


If you don’t feel like paying $60 for preferred and don’t have an ADA placard, then general parking is where you want to be. Expect to pay $30 at the gate during the NLDS  (the prices get higher with each playoff round.) This is where things get a little complicated, as the general lot you go to is solely determined by which gate you enter from. You can’t go around the stadium to park closer to your specific section if you only have a general pass, so you want to go in through the correct gate to get as close as you can.

For all postseason home games, do not under any circumstances go in through Gate A, the main entrance located off of Vin Scully Avenue. You will spend at least half an hour in traffic before you even get to the autogates. Gate B, off Stadium Way and Scott Street, takes you to the exact same places that Gate A would take you too (except Lot 1, but you don’t want to park there anyways) with way less traffic.

[table id=9 /]

Go in through Gate A (if you absolutely have to go in through there), B, or C if you are sitting on the left field or third base side.

Gate C (located off Stadium Way and Academy Road) or Gate D (also on Academy Road) are the gates you want to go in through if you are sitting anywhere in the outfield.

Use Gate E, located directly off the 110 freeway, if you are sitting on the right field or first base side. This gate is also really heavy on traffic, so try to get there as early as you can. With Gate E, there is also the chance that you might get sent through a reverse lane towards Lots 4 or 5, but at that point it is what it is.

If you haven’t noticed a theme here, get there early. It’s the middle of the week, so that might not be the most practical thing as you’re getting off work, but do what you can. It’s a sold out game so the lots will fill up, at a certain point they will just be parking people wherever they can.

Please be courteous and respectful to all employees, remember that they are humans too and almost everything they tell you is out of their control. The quicker you can park, the quicker you can get inside and cheer on your Dodgers.

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  1. As a parking lot employee this guide is absolutely correct. General at the gate is 30 and preferred is 70 as are oversize vehicles. Also thank you for recognizing we are humans who can not read minds.
    At the auto gates all lanes can be used to pay or for prepaid passes.
    ADA stalls fill up within the first half hour for the lots closest to the stadium gates and overflows will be full as early as one hour before first pitch. The only way to be sure you can get closer parking is to buy prepaid preferred passes because they will stop selling those at the gates even before they send ADA fans to General.
    One last thing if your preferred pass is on your phone you will NEED to get a exchange paper pass after it gets scanned at the gate so WAIT for it. If you show your phone pass after the auto gate they will send you back to the gate to get the paper pass. BE PAITENT AND DRIVE SAFE. Go DODGERS.

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