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2019 NLDS: Dodgers vs. Nationals Game 5 Start Time and Starters at Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers lost to the Nationals in Game 4 of the NLDS behind a dominating pitching performance by their ace, Max Scherzer, which ties up the series and pushes it to a series-deciding Game 5 at Chavez Ravine this Wednesday.

The official start time scheduled is 5:37p PDT, and the probable starters will be Dodgers Game 1 starter, Walker Buehler and Nationals Game 2 starter, Steven Strasburg, who have both had amazing performances in their respective outings.

  • Walker Buehler: 6 Innings pitched, 8 strike outs
  • Stephen Strasburg: 6 innings pitched, 10 strike outs

Clayton Kershaw was lurking in the bullpen on Monday is Washington, and would have pitched in relief if the game was still tied going into late innings. However, as soon as the Nats blew it open with the Zimmerman home run, it was decided to save him for Game 5.

“All hands on deck” – Clayton Kershaw

Dodger fans are on the edge of their seats and in the playoffs, this is the type of game that the Dodgers were eventually going to go through.

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  1. 2 Keys To Game 5 Win:

    1. Work the count. If the Dodgers want to take down Strasburg, they need to work the count in the first inning. If they can foul off enough pitches, get Strasburg’s first inning pitching count to 25 or more, they can beat Strasburg. Hitters need to have patience on the plate the first inning. Freese should bat first, Turner second., Muncy 3rd.

    2. Get In Scherzer’s Head. Whether Max Scherzer pitches in relief or not in Game 5, 56,000 Dodgers fans need to chant: “We Want Scherzer!!! We Want Scherzer!!!” for the entire game.

    This will create a big distraction on the Nationals, it will get in Strasburg’s head, and most of all get into Scherzer’s head. This will be a direct challenge to Max Scherzer that Dodgers fans “Dare You To Pitch In Game 5” – because if Scherzer doesn’t come out, he will be deemed a coward. If Scherzer does come up in relief, look for Dodgers hitters to jump all of him tomorrow. If Dodgers fans can get on Scherzer’s head with repeated chanting “We Want Scherzer!!! We Want Scherzer!!!” , the psychological game is already won.

  2. Come on Dodger fans look did you lose faith in the Dodgers already and you say your a die hard fan but you don’t believe in your team bad you are tomorrow we are sending the Nationals back home as losers yes I said it Dodgers are gonna make us believers yes it’s been way to long it’s time to give the greatest fans in the world there most cherish trophy a place in Los Angeles were it belongs oh yeah let’s give our Dodgers a big yeah we believe …..Dodgers

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