5 Dodgers That Fans Wish Were Never on the Team

When you’re diligently being safe at home with no sports, apparently you dream up some interesting topics in your head. This one in particular proved to be very interesting amongst Dodgers fans.

The question was simple: name 5 Dodgers you wish were never Dodgers

With close to 2,000 (!) comments between Facebook and Twitter, fans of all walks of life made their voice heard. Moreover, what’s shocking was the wide range of differing opinions.

Let’s dig into some of the top answers.


Are you noticing the pattern?

Yes, far and away the most hated Dodger of all time by Dodger fans might just be current Astros cheater Josh Reddick. And rightfully so.

The right fielder came to Los Angeles in 2016 and immediately flopped. Combined with his lack of productivity was the fact that upon his acquisition, the club sent the polarizing fan-favorite Yasiel Puig to triple-A to give Reddick the starting role. However, where his villainy came to a head was after he left LA for Houston when he had some choice words for the fan base.

His status as persona non grata was further cemented after it was revealed that the Houston Astros cheated the Dodgers out of a fair shot at a World Series title in 2017. Since then, Reddick has been incredulous about his Astros triumph.

Best Worst of the Rest

So you likely already knew that whole story and, in fact, probably already assumed Reddick would top the list of most hated Dodger of all time. Recency bias is a heck of a thing. However, there were a lot more names listed amongst the fans when it came to this question.

Here are some of the frequent names:

  • Manny Machado
  • Jeff Kent
  • Brian Wilson
  • Jason Schmidt
  • Delino DeShields
  • Andruw Jones
  • Brandon League
  • Carl Crawford


All across Twitter and Facebook alike, Manny Machado was a frequent listee. Of course, Machado didn’t make many fans in LA after his “Johnny Hustle” perception grew in the 2018 postseason leaving some feeling that his lack of effort might have cost LA a world championship.


Kent making the list is somewhat surprising — as he was good as a Dodger — but reasonable. He posted an OPS of .847 with 75 home runs in his 4 seasons with LA. The second baseman was even named to the 2005 NL All-Star squad as a starter.

His biggest crime? He was a Giant for 6 seasons.

Wilson & Schmidt

The reason Brian Wilson and Jason Schmidt are listed so frequently is pretty cut and dry, they too were Giants. They were also mostly terrible with the Dodgers.


Delino DeShields being named makes sense as he was the guy the Dodgers got back from Montreal in the Pedro Martinez mistake of 1993. That and he was quite awful in his 3 seasons in blue.


Andruw Jones basically stole $36M from the club to hit 3 home runs and bat .158 before being released in the middle of the 2-year pact. That’s good enough bad enough to make the list.


Brandon League played the final 3 seasons of his career with the Dodgers. The numbers tell the story of a mostly OK pitcher that had one bad season. Unfortunately, that one bad season was a really bad season.

In 2013, as the Dodgers were starting out on what would eventually become 7 straight division titles (and counting), League was the closer to open the season and had an ERA of 6 into the middle of June… but he was still manager Don Mattingly’s (another oft-listed name) closer. After serving up 4 runs in his fourth blown save of the season, Kenley Jansen took the job from League and never looked back.


This feels like one of the more surprising responses as Crawford was fine as a Dodger. His biggest crime may have been his $21M-per-season contract that the Red Sox gifted to LA as part of the Nick Punto trade. The fact that he was often injured likely didn’t help the outfielder.

Most Clever Response

Patrick M. on Twitter offered the most clever and thought-provoking response…

Looking at Joe Kelly as a guy that has cost the Dodgers three World Series titles is an easy thing to do, albeit slightly unfair. Of course, Kelly was the Cardinals’ pitcher that broke Hanley Ramirez’s rib in the 2013 NLCS. 

HanRam was otherworldly with the bat in 2013. He triple slashed .345/.401/.638 with 20 home runs and a 5.2 bWAR… in only 86 games. Fully healthy in the playoffs, the slugging shortstop batted .500 in a division series win over the Braves. He was then drilled in the ribs by Kelly in his second at-bat of game 1 of the NLCS and that was all she wrote.

Kelly also posted a Hall-of-Fame worthy performance against the Dodgers in Boston’s 2018 World Series win over LA. And finally, as a Dodger, the reliever served up the grand slam pitch that knocked Los Angeles out of the postseason in the NLDS for the first time since 2015.

Dishonorable Mentions

Two names were often listed but do not qualify for this practice as they were not exactly considered Dodgers per se were two former ownership groups: Frank McCourt and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation (Fox).

And they will forever be hated in Dodger lore.

Share your thoughts!

Usually, we aim to be a little more positive, but sometimes you just need to look at the players you really wish were never on your team. Assuredly there are some names that you feel were missed, so feel free to add them in the comments below as we continue the conversation!

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  1. Number 1 is really easy. Fox Entertainment. Then probably DeShields because he was part of the worst trade in LA Dodger history. I actually started rooting against the Dodgers when they dumped Piazza and added Kevin Brown and Gary Sheffield, who I though acted like jerks, and I’ll put them in a tie for third. Then I’ll put Kal Daniels and Juan Marichal

    1. If we’re not limiting to just players — which we sort of aren’t — then Fox is absolutely number one. Murdoch single-handedly decimated the Dodgers from top to bottom! Piazza, Mike Scioscia and all the folks that went on to work with him, Fred Claire, Bill Russell, Paul Konerko (thanks to GM Lasorda).

      Fox was true evil.

      1. No doubt Fox ruined them on purpose. They didn’t want the Dodgers franchise to win anything

      2. Fox IS evil (one of Beelzebub’s [Murdoch’s/Moloch] little ministers of chaos). The Dodgers always felt like *our* hometown team until 1990 when John Ramsey died and would no longer announce: “YOUR Los Angeles Dodgers”…but they really stopped *being* the Dodgers — stopped belonging to US when the O’Malley family sold our birthright.

        1. Another under the Fox name is entertainment. And none of it should be taken seriously.

    2. News Corporation ownership is just one piece of proof that an entertainment company should never own a baseball team. CBS purchased the NY Yankees in 1964 and their overall record under eight years of Tiffany Network ownership was 636-649. The next team that fell under media ownership was the Chicago Cubs (1981 to 2008). The Cubs had below .500 seasons in 18 of the twenty-eight seasons under Tribune Broadcasting ownership. The only baseball team that accomplished anything under media ownership was the Anaheim Angels, who won their sole World Series in 2002 under Disney/ABC, which owned the Halos from 1997 to 2003.
      Sadly, McCourt still has a 50% ownership in the Dodger Stadium parking lots.

    1. Definitely questionable for sure. Kent was great, especially for a 36-40-year-old! Victorino had to be lingering dislike from his Phillies days, right?

      1. True it’s probably the philly connection. He was originally drafted by the Dodgers. We could’ve had him and Werth in 08

  2. I know the sign stealing is a factor here but I’m surprised no one has said Yu Darvish

    1. There were some for sure, but most of those people were fairly quickly corrected in the comments. I think most if not all of the hate for Yu has disappeared this offseason.

  3. Fox News/ Murdoch definitely No.#1!!!
    #2 Riddick re_dick
    #3 Ex-Giants Schmidt, et al.
    #4 Bad Contracts/ A Jones, Kelly, Strawberry, DeShields, etc.
    #? Whoever you can blame for the botched TV deal and Joe Kelly

    1. I did not know Marichal played with the Dodgers. Marichal might be my most hated player of all-time. Who hits someone on the head with a bat? Why the Dodgers ever took that guy is beyond me.

  4. Yu darvish is a very good pitcher.But their is plenty of good & bad history at dodger stadium as far is not winning.Not until new ownership when and hire Andrew Friedman, ever since my boys in blue and I mean every player in da roster comes trough,who ever doesn’t they are gone.Now this with Joe Kelly,I find that hard to believe.and NO Yu darvish was not tipping pitches

  5. Schmitt
    Jeff Shaw
    Andrew Jones

    Bonus points all that came over in Piazza trade

  6. I personally don’t get why people are so hard on the Ex-Giant guys. Personally I am always happy when an ex-Giant turns his back on them to join us. It’s a good feeling. Add in the fact that Kent is one of the best 2nd basemen we have ever had, top 5 for sure, maybe top 3 and he is by far the best one we have had in the last 30 years, since Lopes retired.

    Personally, Machado tops my list. Head case, not worth what we gave up for him for a rental, especially since he didn’t pay off and brought to much negative attention to the team. Followed by Reddick. I hated the signing at the time and I hate it more after the Astros cheated us. Then Andruw Jones, the thief. Crawford for similar reasons, and then Delino DeShields… I can’t believe we gave up Pedro for him.

    1. I?m with most on the ex-Giants thing. I don’t care to have um in Blue. But Juan Uribe, after his homer in the 2013 playoffs, eases my tension about him just a little. I?d prefer Kent over having Matt Williams on our team but really prefer not to have Kent either.

  7. For all those that noted Deshields, they seem to forget the player they should really be mad at is Jody Reed.

    If he hadn’t horrendously overvalued his market, the Deshields trade never would have been made and Pedro Martinez would have remained a Dodger.

  8. Darryl Strawberry and Greg Brock. Milton Bradley and Joe Davis.

    One more? Must agree with Andruw Jones.

    Also agree with Jason Schmidt and Josh Reddick.

    1. Brock’s ONLY fault? He followed Garvey…just like those who feel Joe Davis is mediocre at best – ANYBODY following Vin would be judged the same way…

      1. Joe Davis is one of the best in the business. Prepared, engaging, makes room for his broadcast partner(s), just solid.

    2. I like Joe Davis. Tough to follow a legend. But he works well with Orel and the rest of the team.

  9. I was surprised to not see Strawberry’s name. Maybe it’s the millennial Dodger fans who dominated the responses and are too young to know or remember?

  10. John Tudor. To this day I get angry thinking about him. And Fred Claire, who made the trade. What a worthless pair! McCort comes next. Overall,
    hail the players. Hey, can we start a game and destroy some managers, like start with the present and work backwards? No more Tommy Lasordas there.

    1. Great point. I could’ve cried when Claire moved Pedro – and for that bum Tudor. I can’t believe Claire still gets credit as good GM.

  11. I’m going to give DeShields some McLovin’. He was actually quite productive for the first part of his first season, and then he barrelled over by a hustling Raul Mondesi when they both converged on a pop fly to right and never got back on track.

    The person folks should skewer for losing Pedro has always been Tommy.

  12. Don’t forget Kevin Brown. Dodgers wouldn’t give Piazza his money, then turned around and gave Brown a huge contract. What about Daryl Strawberry…need I say more!!!

  13. Why have I not seen Dave Roberts’ name listed anywhere? I’ll add my list to the mix, then. 1. Josh Reddick (Rat Boy) 2. Manny Machado (He’s the bain of little league coaches all across the country. No hussle. What?) 3-5 are a tie. Dave Roberts, Dave Roberts, Dave Roberts. (LA should double his salary and send him to FRISCO. He can manage there while we pay his salary. That would be a great deal!

    1. I have been a Dodger fan for more than 50 years. Roberts is the best manager I’ve seen during that time. Not a fake person like Lasorda, who lucked into two titles thanks to Bowie Kuhn (undeserved playoff berth in ’81) and Kirk Gibson (cleaned up Tommy’s mess from 86-87). Hollywood madams might disagree.

      1. How long you’ve been a fan means nothing. I’ve seen lots of people say how long they’ve been a fan and then follow it up with nonsense

  14. I am surprised to see no one ( until now) has throw out there the name of AJ Pollock. Look at his World Series numbers of last year but his batting average of .000. Haven’t seen anything written yet but did he not maybe set a record for strikeouts v atbats in World Series history? I would also add the name of on “Donnie Boy” Mattingly to the list. My number one pick however is consensus nr one Josh Reddick. Rounding out my top five is Andruw Jones and Carl Crawford both good players before arriving in LA. I remain hopeful Joe Kelly will still turn it around-if baseball comes back in his ( playing) lifetime

  15. I’m surprised that Dodger fans don’t remember the critical words Jeff Kent had about Vin Scully during his time with the Dodgers. Anybody that says a bad word about Vinny should be on a “most disliked” list. Next to Kent would be Andruw Jones. What a waste of money. Next would be Jason Schmidt. Let’s not forget the reason we go so many “stinkers” – McCourt and his wife were buying houses and living the high life with much of the money that should have gone to better quality free-agents.

  16. Former Giants a problem? I agree, but Juan Marichal dwarfs them all. Should’ve gone to jail for hitting Roseboro with a bat. Plus, he looked stupid in Dodger Blue.

    1. I was not alive when all that happened, I did not even know Marichal played for the Dodgers. But after hitting Roseboro with a bat, how could the Dodgers even consider adding him to their roster. Marichal tops my list of most hated players of all-time.

  17. Bobby Bonilla – Punk who threatened a reporter.

    Milton Bradley – Hothead

    Jonathan Broxton – Always just enough to lose.

    Chan Ho Park – “Chan Homer Park” is more like it.

    Josh Reddick – Whiff machine.

    1. To each their own opinion, but I have to take issue with 2 of these. Broxton was a terrific reliever, 2006-2009, until a series against the Yankees, and then he just became…bad. And stayed that way. It may have even started on (or close to) his bobble head day.). As for Milton Bradley, I am glad he was a Dodger, because if we didn’t have him, we never would have gotten Andre Ethier in a trade with Oakland.

  18. Soooo, NO Dave Goltz? Treason! He had a great ‘fro, though! AND, Steve Sax’s arm, if not him completely.

    1. This is the list of the 5 Dodgers you wished never played in Blue. Goltz, ok. But Sax as a top 5 guy? No way, not even close. He had his issues, but he played hard, was an all-star, and strong contributor to two WS winning teams.

  19. I’m quite surprised certain names didn’t appear: Kevin Brown (what actually did we pay for?), Manny Ramirez (he’ll be in the Needle Wing of HOF)…

  20. Eric Gagne (cheater)
    Paul LoDuca (cheater)
    Bobby Bonilla (fake nice guy)
    Steve Howe (not for the addiction, but for all the bad trades trying to replace him)
    Tom Lasorda (Hollywood phony)

    1. You’re a clown. The whole game of baseball was juicing, the Dodgers never would’ve made the playoffs in 2004 if LoDuca didn’t supply us. Then you blame Howe for the FO not being able to replace him lol stupid. To call Lasorda a fake Hollywood guy is also imbecilic. He genuinely loved the Dodgers franchise and poured his heart and soul into his jobs as third base coach, manager and was a pitcher in Brooklyn. He also wasn’t a puppet like Roberts btw who you think is the best after not standing up to the FO in the 2017 and 2018 World Series where Friedman’s orders cost us an important game 2 against Houston and a huge game 4 against Boston. I guess if he’s friends with people in Hollywood that makes him fake to you. You must watch Fox News

  21. Alex Cora – Not a good player but he can cheat 2WS
    Don Mattingly
    Yu Darvish
    Darryl Strawberry
    Don Stanhouse – I am sure nobody remember this guy who we signed from the O’s as our closer, gave millions and I don’t think he pitched
    Dave Roberts – As a Manager & Player

  22. One of the top 5 is still on the team and has two seasons left to change that. His name is AJ Pollock who is a strikeout machine and is highly overrated as an outfielder. We can also go back to the free agent signing of Dave Goltz who took the money and flopped. With this said Bonilla had to be #1 of all time and made the Piazza trade the worst trade in Dodger history.

  23. Oh please how can we forget and not annoint Alex Cora as public enemy #1. If Dodger upper management hasn’t rid the Stadium of anything remotely Alex Cora related then they are being more than gracious.

  24. As long as I’ve been coherent to know the Dodgers org since about 1977, my top 5, worst to least: Kevin Brown, Eric Young, Glenn Hoffman, Kevin Elster.

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