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Happy Fun Time Sports Joins Dodgers Nation

You might be asking, who are those “Happy Fun Time Sports” guys?

Well, they’re the new resident video show here on Dodgers Nation. They wouldn’t call themselves a serious show, and you shouldn’t either; in fact, look no further than their own bio of “we’re not terribly in depth, but we’re definitely entertaining” to get a feel of what the fellas are all about.

Featuring two quick-witted hosts with great comedic timing and obvious chemistry, Kevin and “FRG” – or “Fat Ryan Gosling” (or Clint, if you’re trying to be legal about it) – “HFTS” is becoming a fan-favorite video show of many casual and active sports fans who desire more than cold, hard statistics and celebrity drama.

In the Beginning

It started out as an idea to simply share sports opinions by one guy; it became a popular grassroots podcast that blended comedy and sports to fill the void left by sports programs who focus more on stats than audience engagement; it has now evolved into a popular video show on, engaging with their audience of 500,000+ rabid Dodger fans.


Kevin’s interest in sports started at an early age, as he came charging out of the womb like he was coming out of the tunnel at the Super Bowl. He watched, played and studied sports almost religiously while growing up, until discovering girls, at which point, he cut back to once a week. Always in possession of an affable and gregarious demeanor, Kevin eventually had the idea that his knowledge of sports would translate well to the podcast and video mediums and decided to take the chance. He began to craft what he was looking for in a show, with segments, characters and a witty co-host who knows sports as well. After recruiting lifelong pal “Fat Ryan Gosling”, Happy Fun Time Sports was officially born.

Kevin, on his Dodgers’ fandom, “I’ve suffered through it all – I’ve been a Dodgers fan all my life – I lived the Pedro [Martinez] trade. I know who the “Killer Tomato is. ‘Kevin Elster: Dodgers’ shortstop’, anyone?” How about the ‘Jason-Jayson-Jason’ lineups of 2005? You get my point, I feel adequately qualified to talk Dodgers to people every Saturday at 1pm.”

Clint aka FRG

Clint is no stranger to the podcasting world. Considering himself something of a primitive pioneer, “FRG” piloted an upstart blogging and podcasting endeavor called “thedodgerman” in the late 2000’s, before the podcast phenomenon became what it is today. He gave up his dream in pursuit of a ham sandwich. And boy was that sandwich good.

FRG is never one to back away from a challenge when it comes to improving the quality of the show. As the technical engineer of the show, as well as host, funny man, pretty boy, and consummate athlete, FRG is a true five-tool player.

Says FRG, “sure we could bore the audience with cookie cutter ‘news and highlights’ that they could just as easily see on the evening news from reputable sources, instead, we like to keep it loose. Trust that Kevin and myself could probably go toe-to-toe with most folks out there and hold our own when it comes to Dodgers’ knowledge, but can those folks make you laugh about how bad Pedro Baez is at the same time?”

What they’re doing and why.

FRG answers, “honestly, we’re just trying to make each other laugh as professionally as we can, and we’re hoping that people are up to join in the laughter with us. The Dodgers’ season – like life – is long and arduous, why take it seriously? Help us help you get through the ‘Puig 0-for-15’s’ and ‘the latest Kershaw back injury’ this season, every Saturday at 1pm on Dodgers Nation.”

Welcome to the team, guys!

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