Adrian Gonzalez Ranked In Top-10 First Baseman By MLB Network

Adrian Gonzalez

Since being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012, Adrian Gonzalez has been a steady force in the heart of their lineup. While Gonzalez saw a drop in his batting average last season, he managed to pull himself out of a month-long slump to give the Dodgers a left-handed complement to what Matt Kemp provided on the right side of the plate.

Gonzalez led the Los Angeles Dodgers in home runs (27) and RBIs (116), and perhaps in somewhat of an upset, won the Silver Slugger Award at first base, ahead of Anthony Rizzo among others. The Shredder ranked Gonzalez the ninth-best first baseman right now, which Carlos Peña took issue with:

This blew my mind when I saw he was No. 9. He’s just awesome, I want him higher, definitely want him higher. He’s one of these guys that plays every single day. Do you really think that he’s going through the season without hurting? No, he plays hurt. He puts on a sleeve, puts some heat on his back, whatever it is that he needs to do to play. He’s out there producing for his team. That’s something that you don’t find in every single player. That’s something The Shredder cannot and will not be able to find out.”

Gonzalez’s 2014 highlights include a four-game home run streak, which tied a career high and he also put together a 16-game hitting streak. He finished with a 3.9 WAR, which was good for fifth-best among qualified first baseman.

The Shredder ranked Gonzalez No. 4 in 2014, No. 3 in 2013 and 2012. Along with Gonzalez, Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig have finished in the top 10 for starting pitchers and center fielders, respectively.

Complete 2015 rankings below:

The Shredder Carlos Peña Brian Kenny
1st Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera Paul Goldschmidt
2nd Paul Goldschmidt Paul Goldschmidt Miguel Cabrera
3rd Jose Abreu Jose Abreu Jose Abreu
4th Joey Votto Edwin Encarnacion Joey Votto
5th Freddie Freeman Adrian Gonzalez Anthony Rizzo
6th Edwin Encarnacion Albert Pujols Freddie Freeman
7th Anthony Rizzo Justin Morneau Adrian Gonzalez
8th Mike Napoli Joey Votto Edwin Encarnacion
9th Adrian Gonzalez Freddie Freeman Carlos Santana
10th Carlos Santana Anthony Rizzo Prince Fielder

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  1. Lol. Mike Napoli is better than Adrian Gonzalez huh? How many gold gloves does Napoli have again? How many RBI crowns? Just checking

  2. Two of these lists have Joey Votto ahead of Adrian Gonzalez. Votto only had about 200 AB in 2014 so how did that happen? Sorry but I take Gonzalez and Pujos over Votto. The idiot Shredder had Napoli above Adrian. The Shredder had Votto 4th Napoli 8th and Gonzalez 9th. Did not even lsit Pujos. Metrics are very suspect.

    1. Pujols is a shadow of what he was….I think they rated Votto on what he was a couple of years ago. He is a mere wisp of that now. My main gripe, Cabrera. The guy is a great hitter..but his glove is clank city…Goldschmidt is probably the best overall 1st baseman in the bigs.

      1. Michael I agree with you on Goldschmidt, Votto and Cabrera. I also agree that Pujos has fallen off. But he has fallen from being one of the greats to being, IMO, simply very good. He was hurt for 2 years but look at his numbers last year. They are I believe very respectable and he is still a great defensive presence. Plus the guy is a great clubhouse leader as is Gonzalez. I believe the lists have to be for last year’s performance not futures, so Votto would not make my list. And definitely not Napoli.

        1. Well that is so very true. I like Albert…think he is a class act, but at this point in his career, grossly overpaid. But that is what it is. The jury is still out on Abreu. One year in the big’s, lets see how the pitchers adjust to him this year…..Freeman is getting better every year. And Rizzo, the sky is the limit for that guy. My concern on the Dodgers is age catching up with Adrian the next couple of years, and no real viable option in the pipeline….same as the C posistion

          1. Well Michael we are again in total agreement. The Pujos contract is a huge mill stone around the Angels neck but the fact that the owner did it again to sign Hamilton is a head scratch-er. I agree Gonzalez will be slowing down in a few years. What about Van Slyke? Read some nice article on the kid that plays catcher they picked up from the Marlins. Seems to be able to hit anyway. Looking forward to the start of Spring. Going to try to catch a game thsi year. I have not seen the new park.

          2. SVS is ok as a backup, but his fielding would be a liability full time. I think you are talking about Austin Barnes. Surprised they put him on the 40 man since he has less than a year at AA ball. .298 avg in the minors , not too much power. But he is young. They have 2 C in the system that seem to be pretty good, Julian Leon, and Kyle Farmer. But they are both a few years away. Cody Bellinger is the only 1B man in their top 20 prospects, But I would not rule out a position change by one of the OF prospects….has happened before…

          3. Yes Austin Barnes was said to be a good contact hitter and good plate discipline guy. Read that Julian Leon looks really good but very young. SO there is hope for a couple of years down the line. Yes I agree they may need to switch an OF prospect or any infielder or catcher which should not be too hard. I was never fast so I played 3rd, 1st and catcher in high school. Was not a fan of catching position. Tough on the knees/back. 1st base just isn’t that tough of a position if you are athletic enough to be a Major League Player IMO.

          4. There are 2 1B at Tulsa….Lars Anderson……Red Sox reject and Okoyea Dickson so so average , but some pop…

          5. What about Scott Schebler he is good size and looks to have some pop. He has progressed fast recently but has a back log in front of him

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