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All-Star Game Recap: Cueto Gives Up 3 in 4-2 Loss to American League

On Tuesday the 2016 All-Star Game took place which is important because the winner receives home-field advantage in the World Series! Unfortunately, the National League starting pitcher, Johnny Cueto, would give up 3 in a 4-2 loss against the American League.

Is it because Kershaw couldn’t start? Or maybe because Seager didn’t get voted to start? Who knows, but let’s look at the highlights!

The game kicked off with BP of course. Here is the kid getting his swings in!

It’s time for All-Star baseball!

The game got off to an early start when starting 3rd baseman Kris Bryant launched a solo shot to left!

That lead would survive the bottom of the first but in the next inning, the American league would strike back hard.

Cueto would come out of the game and be replaced by Jose Fernandez who would get us out of the inning.

Then in the bottom of the third David Ortiz would leave the game with a standing ovation and the American League would strike again.

In the bottom of the 5th, Corey Seager would finally make his ASG debut!

Unfortunately, Seager would only get one at bat and it would be a strikeout; however, Kenley would make an appearance in the bottom of the 8th and strikes out Matt Weiters!

That would be it for the National League and the American League would win the game 4-2 with Hosmer receiving the MVP award.

The National League left a lot of men on in Tuesday’s game and when you do that, you’re bound to lose. This means the Dodgers will not get home-field advantage when they make it to the world series, but don’t worry! The club is only a game under .500 on the road so they should be just fine!

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