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Andre Ethier Has Some Interesting Comments On His Future

A look back at Andre Ethier’s career is a beautiful portrait. Ethier played his entire twelve-year career in one uniform: Dodger blue. He was twice an all-star, won a Rawlings Gold Glove, and a Louisville Silver Slugger award. His lifetime numbers of .285/.359/.463 are a great glimpse at what peak Ethier was like in the golden years. Obviously and sadly, that player is not likely to return. But there’s a good possibility that Ethier could still provide a team with several valuable baseball intangibles.

Ethier told MLB Network Radio on Sunday that he still has the desire to play.

To read this came as a bit of a surprise.

The Dodgers declined Ethier’s option in November of 2017, shortly after the conclusion of the World Series. There was little fanfare, no press conference and no sentimental quotes echoing out of the front office about his long tenure as a Dodger.

When I saw this moment unfold, I felt like it was going to end up a neat final memory of Ethier as not only a ballplayer; but as a Dodger.

October 17th, 2017: NLCS Game Three

The Dodgers of course went on to win that game 6-1. Ethier had provided a huge shot in the arm for a team scraping to find offense in the absence of Corey Seager.

He wasn’t completely finished at that point. Ethier went 2-for-5 in the World Series, driving in a run with a pinch-hit single in game seven of the World Series. That run would end up being the last one the Dodgers scored in 2017. Again I thought to myself how beautifully ironic it was that Ethier’s last moment as a pro was an RBI single in the World Series. It meant a lot to me that he was still battling, despite a seemingly decided outcome.

It appears that Ethier has his own script about any storybook final chapter that we have written for him. And it’s hard to fault the guy. He’s still never won a championship, and he will be 36 years of age. This is an age where many players have still found a way to carve out several productive years as a veteran presence on a club despite no longer being the focal point. Carlos Beltran and David Ross come to mind on the last two teams who have won championships.

This is the time of year where everything remains fluid. If several injuries happen and Ethier is willing to play for a bargained free agent salary, he could find himself in another uniform quickly. His comments bring to light some interesting questions on the topic.

Would you like to see the Dodgers bring Ethier back if the need is there an unforeseen reason? What kind of value could he bring to a contending club? Is he a better fit for a younger team in a rebuild?

Maybe the biggest question is the one that is nearest to many of our hearts. Do you believe we have seen the last of Andre Ethier in the major leagues?

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    1. Probably will go down as having a better peak than Pederson, Shep. The sad part is I’m not sure his ceiling is lower. Pederson has been outplayed by too many players and the Dodgers have a glut of outfielders who are ‘toolsy’. The sky seemed the limit such a short time ago when he was an All-Star and representing the Dodgers in the Home Run Derby. I was there that night. Since that night, it’s like the weight of the world has been cast on his shoulders (and bat speed). I still hold out hope that Pederson is a key part of the core, but that hope dwindles by the day. The lack of playing time certainly isn’t going to help further his development.

  1. I say Ethier has ALOT more to offer and the dodgers should bring him back, we miss him at dodger stadium. He never really got that chance to prove himself once he came back for one I am team Ethier for life, we miss you #16 forever a dodger in my eyes and no matter where you end up I will always watch you play, your one of the greats in baseball!

    1. I am an Ethier fan ever since he arrived. I’m a Dodger fan since 1955. I’ve lived in Stevens Point WI all my life. I got Ethier’s autograph a few years back at Miller Park on my baseball glove. My daughter gave me an Ethier fathead. Thanks Andre!

  2. I miss you Dre! You have been my fav since 1997, and it’s so hard to not see #16 in Dodger Blue! This year is missing some spark, and much of it has to do with the veterans that are no longer on the team, meaning Dre and Adrian (Gonzalez).

  3. Weird the dodgers would let him go quietly. However he will have to decide how to continue. Even if its elsewhere. I think once he actually retires though the Dodgers should do something to recognize his achievments. In a day in age when trades, loyalty, and fealty can bounce with the wind. He is a luminous example of fortitude and consistency.

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