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Andrew Friedman Addresses Padres Big Offseason, Dodgers Game Plan

The Dodgers had a quiet offseason, but down the way in San Diego, the Padres were one team that was particularly active. This difference in the two team’s player acquisitions has caused many to believe that the Dodgers are not as big of contenders this season. 

However, though the Padres have been busy making moves, the Dodgers have been quietly putting together a plan of their own. The Dodgers President of Baseball Operations, Andrew Friedman, recently spoke to a handful of reporters including AM570 LA Sports Radio about the team’s strategy and how they plan to approach the upcoming season. 

Friedman responded to whether or not the Padres serve to be an even bigger competitor in the division this season. 

“Yeah, I’m not sure people always felt that way going into the year. It played out that way. There have been plenty of years where people have projected it to be tighter than it’s been. But yeah, the Padres are a really good team, we feel like we’re a really good team too. And, I think our mindset every year is, every game is really important and trying to maximize winning each and every night. So it’s no different in that respect. I do envisioned it to be a very tight race, but I feel like our mindset always is to do what we can to win that night’s game and definitely will be front and center for us this year.”

Along with the Padres signing new contracts with Yu Darvish and Michael Wacha, the team also extended third baseman Manny Machado on a new eleven-year contract through the 2033 season.

There is certainly a lot of buzz surrounding this Padres team, and their fans are hoping that this is the year their team finally breaks through and wins a World Series title. However, as Andrew Friedman pointed out, the Dodgers are a really good team too and are very capable of winning another championship. 

The Padres will surely bring the action this year, but the Dodgers have built a deep and versatile roster that will deliver once again. Even with the latest news of Gavin Lux’s injury, the team will continue to adjust and stay ahead of the curve— or moreso, stay on top of the division. 

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  1. Friedman and Kasten are always BSing. Stadium prices are sky high and now they’re being cheap. I’m a big dodger fan but I’m not going to pay a cent at the stadium this year not to watch this team. If they spend then I will to. Maybe I’ll go to San Diego to watch them and get to watch a real team.

  2. In my mind, no matter who they sign down south, they will still always be in our shadow. They are still a second rate organization, one year does not make up for decades of failure. Where is the homegrown talent? Anybody can buy a team the Yankees back in the 90s for example. The Pudres will always be the Pudres.

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