Andrew Friedman Comments On Future Dodgers Contract Extensions

Baseball has displayed a trend of late of teams signing players to contract extensions well before their free agency hits. Indeed, the most prominent example is Anaheim keeping Mike Trout on a monster extension.

Now, there’s some talk that the Dodgers could be looking to do the same with some in their young core. Furthermore, Dodgers head man Andrew Friedman recently talked with Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times about the matter.

Friedman tells McCullough that an extension can relax some players, while serving as a motivator for others.

“There are certain players where giving that security allows them to blossom and play even better,” Friedman said. “And certain guys play really well with that carrot in front of their face, and that extra, added motivator helps get the most out of them. It’s imperative to figure out which group different guys fall into. But I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next 12 months we do some.”

Still, how about that? Friedman said that something could be in the works in the next year. Certainly, he has to be thinking about the names Cody Bellinger, Walker Buehler, Corey Seager right? It’s exciting to hear the organization taking a somewhat open-minded approach to this group. It’s important to keep them locked up in Dodger blue for a long time.

Moreover, Clayton Kershaw talked about what it’s like trying to play your way into an extension in a big market city like Los Angeles.

“The good and bad about being a player in a big market is they can kind of just let you go through the arbitration process,” Kershaw said. “They don’t need a discount. That’s a situation that all of us are in with a big-market team. They’re not coming to you with a really discounted offer. They’re going to let you play through it — and you’ve got to play well, for a really long time.”

Without question, every team has their model. No two organizations in baseball are run the same way, and the Dodgers have shown their appetite for the arbitration process. With that being said – every case is different. Several Dodgers are exhibiting play that says a different model of business may be necessary.

What does your Extension Look Like?

If you were in the Dodgers’ front office, what kind of contract extensions would you be offering to Bellinger, Buehler, and Seager right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Guess that is one reason why I would never be a good general manager………signing guys I like, people I have come to be friends with and admire…………giving them a contract extension offer to stay a Dodger, knowing I am really being a chesire cat seeking to control/limit their future earnings, even though my goal is to keep them from leaving my team, it’s a moral dilemma. But as the GM it’s my job. UGH!……..Kinda makes you wallow in the pigsty just like an agent.

  2. I would do 10 years and up to 200 million for all three of the guys mentioned in the article. I would pitch it to all three as a pacapac deal to keep them all together and competitive for the next 10 years. I’d try and do 10 year 100 million dollar deals done for guys like Verdugo, Peterson, Urias and Hernandez. We would have a lot of talent locked up for a long time and still have plenty of money to sign guys as needed. Bring in some better bullpen pieces for example.

      1. In the article you cite Boras said he does what the player wants, so if Corey/Cody were OK with passing up maximum dollars in favor of maximum security, that’s the contract he’ll negotiate. After all, Bryce Harper (another Boras client, right?) turned down reportedly 45 mil/yr in favor of contract length.

  3. I would most definitely give at least 2 dodger dogs to bellinger and seager. Everyone else gets 1 or bye bye!! This is not the all you can eat pavilion!!!!

    1. My two building blocks start there for sure. Buehl Doggy Dog right there with them and Muncy! Give Muncy a 3/45

  4. Beings that both Bellinger and Seager have that ‘infamous’ agent named Boras might make things a bit dicey. However, Boras must do what his clients want…not what he wants them todo. if they want an extension and to sty with their current team, in this case the Dodgers, then he MUST go forward with their wishes and NOT force them to test the FA market.

  5. Here’s what Freidman Should Be Doing – get at least ONE GOOD reliever – BEFORE the losers, like Kelly, he keeps signing lose any more games for us.
    Kudos to the new hitting coach and new contact philosophy – IF we can believe the ESPN Sunday night announcers of last night’s game. The home run pace will slow down.

  6. Seager $115 M/8 yrs with player options, opt out after 5 years.
    Too early for Bellinger and Buehler especially. Besides, they seem more like carrot guys then cushion guys. Would attempt contract extensions after this season with Belly though, and Buehler after Kershaw’s contract is done in 2021.

  7. Yeah it’s not necessarily a “contact” philosophy. It’s hitting the ball with authority to all fields but home runs are still the hitting philosophy right now because that’s the profile of the players: walks and slugging. No hitting coach is going to be able to deviate from that.stv

  8. Friedman needs to sign Kimbrel. The bullpen needs him. I’m sure he’ll take a 25 million one yr. deal. Instead of sitting around at home. The dodgers offered Harper 47 million a year 25 is peanuts. Let’s go Freidman pull the trigger.

    1. as for Kimbral-why not 3 yrs 50 Million? Cody Seager-10 yr 220—Buehlor 7 yrs 15 million per year–Urias -Kike -Muncy -Joc -Strippling 5yrs 15 million per year & Ryu 3 yrs 15 million per year—wait on Verdugo-Caleb-Baez–I might add 2 yrs to Jansen & Turner also–that alone is signing most of the team

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