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Andrew Friedman Discusses Dodgers Bullpen And Outfield (VIDEO)

Although the hire was announced Tuesday, it wasn’t until Friday that the Los Angeles Dodgers formally introduced president of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman.

After spending 10 years with the Tampa Bay Rays and resisting offers from other organizations, Friedman made the decision to head west and now faces the challenge of bringing a World Series back to Los Angeles. Along with needing to help the team win now, Friedman is tasked with building on the recent progress made within the farm system.

The Dodgers won the NL West division in back-to-back seasons, but were eliminated from the postseason in both years by the St. Louis Cardinals. Adding to the disappointment in their failure to move past the NLDS is their longtime rival San Francisco Giants reaching the World Series for a second time in three years.

What does Friedman thinking of the bullpen? Is the outfield a problem? What’s the biggest challenge in moving from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles? See his responses in the video above.

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