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Andrew Toles Is Mysteriously Absent From Dodgers Camp

Admittedly, I have always had a huge soft spot for Andrew Toles. His grand slam at Coors Field won me over in 2016. Moreover, he just seems like a guy that with the right opportunity; could produce a huge payoff for a team given 120 games.

However Toles’ pattern of luck has been unfortunate. Each time opportunity an opportunity presents itself, the door closes with some type of injury or something that strays the path.

Now, news breaks that Toles is out absent from Dodgers training camp ‘indefinitely. No further reason was given other than a personal matter.

Tweets Surface About Toles’ Absence

Jorge Castillo was one of the first to take to twitter with this news. Moreover, the puzzling part of the matter is that the Dodgers don’t seem to know when Toles will be there. Of course, this starts to make people question what is going on; naturally. A ‘personal matter’ can cover a lot of things.

Ken Gurnick followed up with manager Dave Roberts’ comments that the club has Toles’ back on the matter. Roberts reiterated that there is no definitive timetable for the outfielder’s return to the ball club.

Dave Roberts Comments On Toles’ Absence

Later in the afternoon, Dave Roberts spoke about the absence of Toles.

It’s obviously opportunity (for guys like Joc Pederson and Alex Verdugo). We will get Andrew here when he works through some personal things. I don’t know the timeline (on Toles), and that’s the first part is just getting him here.

The manager was non-committal when asked by Alanna Rizzo if Toles would have the opportunity to compete for a job.

The Final Word

Obviously, we aren’t here to speculate what may actually be going on. Still, the news must be reported. As one of Toles’ biggest supporters and believers, I hope the guy is alright. Ballplayers are no different than the rest of us – it’s important to remember that. While they have superhuman ability, they face the same real life situations as all of us.

I am looking forward to writing the story that Toles is in camp and hitting some flips in a cage.

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  1. I hope Tollis reports to camp soon love Tollis he is a spark on the Dodger team.

  2. everybody loves toles and i’ve heard him referred to as a special person, but his history is full of self destruction at every turn. who knows what’s going on with him, i hope he figures it out.

    1. He owes me a very large sum of coke that he stole from me. Unfortunately he sold and used some so now he’s gotta be my right hand man with no pay until it’s made up. He’ll resume his baseball career in a few months

  3. I hope all is well with him or his family! Even if things are allright, with Toles Not in camp with the Dodgers, he will take a step back and probably end up in AAA or will be cut if he is out of options.

  4. I really hope he’s ok. And that everything he’s trying to take care of will turn out in a good way. If he has problems with the Dodgers he needs to let them know what it is. he may be worried about trying to stay on with the Dodgers. He knows he’s lost a lot of time playing with the Dodgers and he just wants to help out the team. I like him, he is a very good player. I’d like the Dodgers to keep him. I think he can be another Toy Cannon, if any of you recall that far back. Come on Toles, get back, lets play.

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