Astros Fan Apolgizes to Dodgers Fans on Reddit: ‘You Deserve Better’

Slowly but surely that ivory tower that so many Houston Astros fans seem to be on starts to be too much… There’s only so long that you can attempt to refute and ignore facts and data.

Everyone knows that the Astros stole that World Series championship in 2017, whether from the Dodgers or Yankees or any other team in between. The optics line up. The audio lines up. Major League Baseball took action against them for it.

It’s a known fact.

Certainly, there are more than enough fans that take the Josh Reddick approach to it and arrogantly state “wHateVer sTill gOt a riNg,” but not every Houston fan is created equally. Take, for example, user “Black-Cotton” on Reddit who fully apologized to the great fans that make up Dodgers Nation.

Full apology to Dodgers fans as a former Astros fan from Dodgers

While the Reddit user opted to now become a Mets fan after dropping his Astro fandom, as a Dodger fan, I appreciate the sentiment.

There are logical and fair people that make up the Astros’ fanbase. Moreover, while he’s more of a Dodger fan than an Astros fan these days, Ross Stripling’s podcast co-host — and Houston native — Cooper Surles told us that he was surprised and embarrassed that a team with so much talent decided to add cheating to the ledger.

So sure, there’s baseball on now. Sure opening day is around the corner and we should get over it, but it’s important that Houston players NEVER forget that they’re dirty cheaters and that their 2017 ring, you know, the only championship that organization has in its history, is ill-gotten and a worthless piece of metal.

Looking forward to seeing the Astros fans that always make their way into the comments on these posts… see y’all in Houston July 28-29.

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Clint Pasillas

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    1. Get over it?you know many teams wish they could go to the world series? And are you really saying to the dodgers to get over the cheating SOBS? I want to know right now, are you an astro fan?

  1. If the Dodgers would have hit better than .205 and scored a few more of the EIGHTY FOUR runners they left on base of which 25 came in Game 7, they would have won the World Series.

    1. The dodgers were not up to par in the world series, I’ll admit, but they obviously won games 2 and 5. Walk off rally against kenley in game 2? When kenley was the best closer in the game at that time? Suspicious. Game 5. We had a 4 run lead at one point, and the assholes somehow come back, multiple times, and walk it off again against said closer? Not to mention Altuve and his “modest personality”. We would have won if they did not cheat. Plain and simple.

  2. The Dodgers need to hit better than .205. Didn’t the Dodgers change their signs in the WS more often than the regular season? Like a lot of teams, the Dodgers were also accused of sign stealing in 2017. At some point the Dodgers have to quit making 3 year old excuses and move on. The Dodgers have a good enough team to win it all. Unfortunately in this short season anyone can.

    1. were the dodgers confirmed to have cheated? No. Any team can accuse another of cheating, but without proof, it is invalid. Just because they were accused of cheating does not mean they did. Get the F**k out of here, you astros sympathizer.

    2. I only see you comment on articles related to the cheaters. I think you are pretending to be a Dodgers fan but you are really just an Astros apologist. Trying to make baseless accusations against other teams into fact so you can down play what Houston did

  3. I worked on the Dome ground crew in ‘67-‘68. All the players got excited when the Dodgers came to town. They always hung out at the cage to prepare for the party after the game. The Dodgers are owed one, that’s for sure. I hope they go to the WS this year. Asterisk or not, they deserve a ring.

    1. They deserve a real one in 2021. Teams like the Dbacks twins or rays can have this one it would suit them better

  4. This guy has guts to move on from the Astros. Can’t get over the fact that they did not need to cheat. They had a good all around team. Still kind of shocked that no players were suspended or booted out of baseball. Anyway, let’s forget the Astros and go win the Series this year; resign Mookie and Justin; and go on a World Series victory run.

  5. Guy who created a Reddit account last November after scandal broke is a real Astros fan. If you believe that I have some illegally confiscated land that was stolen from minorities to build a stadium on to sell you.

    1. Pathetic giants fan spotted lol. You guys will still be talking about 2014 and the legend of Bumgarner in 2044 as you continue to fail

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