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MLB News: Insider Slams League and Players Over CBA Situation

Baseball fans are sick and tired of the lockout that’s drowning their already struggling sport. MLB and the MLBPA have made little progress this week, and the week before it, and the week before that. On Thursday, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal teed off on the “silliness” of the owners and players in regards to the ongoing CBA negotiations. 

“Disrespectful, you say? Gee. I’m sorry. I’ve just been sitting around, like baseball fans everywhere for the past 84 days, waiting for the parties to reach a new collective-bargaining agreement so we can get onto truly important matters such as where Carlos Correa will sign and how many players the poor, starving Oakland A’s will trade.”

Rosenthal is not surprised with how the CBA meetings have unfurled considering the approach of the MLB owners.

“But the owners’ strategy from the start was to squeeze the union until regular-season games were in jeopardy, all the while recoiling in disgust when the player-serfs rejected their crumbs and refused to view them as benevolent despots.”

The well-sourced baseball writer is also in favor of instituting a draft lottery to disincentivize tanking and rewarding small market MLB teams attempting to compete. Rosenthal has no patience for owners continuing to simply cash revenue-sharing checks and intentionally put together mediocre rosters.

“The owners oppose the draft-pick incentives for small-market teams, believing it would make rebuilding that much more difficult for the league’s worst clubs. Good! Those teams, some of which are wallowing in revenue-sharing funds, need a kick in the rear.”

Honestly, it’s refreshing to see an industry professional voice the same level of displeasure as the fans.

Whether one sides with the owners or the players, it’s well past time for the two sides to start finding common ground on key issues.

If they can’t, Opening Day will remain a pipe dream.

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