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Best Dodgers Merchandise to Rival Giants’ Insane Upcoming Giveaways

The Dodgers and Giants are set to face off at Oracle Park this coming weekend and there’s never any love lost between these two franchises. Their history speaks for itself and fans always circle their game dates on their calendars.

As of this publication, the Giants are fighting to stay alive in the NL West with just under 40 wins while the Dodgers currently lead the division as we near the end of June. Both teams are heavily involved in trade rumors and hope to bolster their rosters all-around in search of more success in the second half of the season.

However, even though there hasn’t been a significant amount of bad blood between the Dodgers and Giants in recent years, it appears that San Francisco’s promotional team is trying to start some storyline before L.A. even comes to town. A couple of months ago, news surfaced that Oracle Park was planning to give away Mickey Mouse-themed hats to the first 15,000 fans that arrived at the stadium for SF’s game against the Dodgers on June 30.

This giveaway comes through a partnership with Disneyland Resort but the timing of this likely is not a coincidence. The Dodgers took home the 2020 World Series following a road we’ve never seen before in baseball that included a shortened season, neutral locations, and no fans present. Therefore, many opposing fans like to refer to L.A.’s victory as a ‘Mickey Mouse’ ring to downplay the difficulty of their path compared to the normal ones we see.

Just one day later on June 30 for their final game of the series against the Dodgers, the Giants are set to give away custom Aloha shirts with ‘Beat LA’ on them to the first 20,000 fans that arrive at Oracle Park. San Francisco’s promotional team is going all-in on pumping up this rivalry.

But Dodger fans can get involved in the fun too and purchase their own clothing and merchandise to fire back at the Giants. We have compiled some of the most unique items on the market for you to show where your loyalty is while San Francisco pulls off these giveaways.

Giants Fan Nightmare Shirt

There are many criticisms in the baseball world geared towards Dodger fans. Some of the most popular ones include how they believe all stars will sign in L.A., the notion that some people only come to games for the vibes and not the actual sport, and so much more.

However, one of the best traits that most Dodger fans have is loyalty. It’s rare to find one that jumps ship and starts rooting for a different team. If you fall in this category, this ‘Nightmare Giants Fan’ shirt is for you. Buy here: 3RxQNzr

Dodgers Majestic Rivalry Shirt

It’s always great to see just how creative graphic designers all across Los Angeles can be when it comes to crafting shirts for the Dodgers. A sign of a good rivalry is when two fanbases can debate and talk shop amongst one another without getting disrespectful.

This ‘Majestic Rivalry’ shirt has a great phrase across it that paints fun towards Giants fans but still keeps it classy. Buy yours now here:

Dodgers Win Scented Candle

There’s really not a better feeling than coming home after a long day and watching the Boys in Blue win a baseball game against one of their divisional rivals.

Even if you aren’t able to make the trip to San Francisco and support the team as they take on the Giants, you can light this custom scented ‘Dodgers Win’ candle to celebrate their victories. Buy now here:

Giants, Dodgers Divided House Sign

Unfortunately, not everybody in our families always roots for the Dodgers. We all have different upbringings and backgrounds and that leads to certain connections with other teams at times.

And even though we have nothing but respect for family members that root for other teams, sometimes you need some space on game days. This Giants, Dodgers divided house sign will bring just that. Buy yours now here:

Giants, Dodgers Divided Garden Flag

And if you want to continue letting it be known that boundaries are necessary in a household that has split fandom, check out this Giants, Dodgers divided garden flag here:

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