Brett Anderson Rehabbing With Same Therapist Randy Johnson Used

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In needing to address their starting rotation the Los Angeles Dodgers opted for signing Brett Anderson and Brandon McCarthy, as opposed to Jon Lester or Max Scherzer. While the Dodgers undeniably saved money when compared to the cost that came with signing Lester and Scherzer, their new pitchers both come with injury concerns.

For Anderson, his injuries have largely been a case of freak accidents and bad luck. He first missed time last season due to a fractured left index finger suffered while batting, then underwent surgery in August to treat a herniated disk in his back and he missed the remainder of the regular season.

With pitchers and catchers set to report Feb. 19, Anderson revealed he’s been rehabbing with Brett Fisher, who also worked with Hall of Famer Randy Johnson, according to Ken Gurnick of MLB.com:

He rehabbed Randy Johnson from the same surgery, and Johnson won a couple [National League Cy Young Awards], so I just told him to give me the same rehab program.”

With the 2015 season inching closer, Anderson also said he should be recovered in time for Spring Training:

I feel good and hope, with no setback, I should be good to go for Spring Training.”

Anderson signed a one-year, $10 million contract with the Dodgers and can earn up to $4 million in performance-based incentives. Since winning 11 games a rookie with the Oakland Athletics in 2009, Anderson has never won more than seven games.

While signing Anderson comes with considerable risk given his inability to remain healthy, the Dodgers could just as well catch lightening in a bottle. The 26 year old was selected in the second round of the 2006 draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks and has the talent to serve as a viable fifth starter for the Dodgers if he manages to avoid the disabled list.

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  1. Nothing to do but wait and see both how he progresses and how Friedmans judgments work out.

    1. Getting Anderson to me means they are not high on the Farm Kids. We have heard about Lee but last year he did not have a good year. It will be interesting to see if anyone in the minors makes a run for the Major League roster. I thought they would bring up one of the kids they are high on to take that 5th spot and learn at the Major League level. It is a little concerning that they do not think there is anyone in the system they can do that with. Some of the things Dodger fans are scared of, other than another blackout year on TV is the depth of starting pitching, Kershaw, Ryu and Greinke all missed starts last year. They bring in McCarthy and Anderson and they have a horrible health history. I really think they have not adjusted to the fact that the Dodgers need to win now. It has been too long since we won a NL or World Series. The fact the Giants are 3 out of the last 5 just makes it worst. They have traded and acted as if they are still small market guys without money. Scary .

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