Bryce Harper To The Dodgers Could Be Re-Ignited

How does the old saying go? Just when you thought you were out, they bring you back in again. By ‘they’, we are talking those surrounding the Bryce Harper situation.

Furthermore, a situation that is fluid. So fluid that reports have surfaced that Harper may be interested in a two or three-year deal now in free agency. Moreover, this brings the Los Angeles Dodgers prominently back into the picture. With a shorter pact in play, there is a chance they could once again leap back into the Harper sweepstakes.

They’re already back into the storyline.

Randy Miller is a beat writer for the New York Yankees. Miller is the man who broke the story. However, the Dodgers are not the only team to leap back into the potential mix with a shorter pact a possibility. A division foe of the Dodgers is now also in play, Miller says.

“I think the Giants now are looking at the Padres going in and the White Sox going in, thinking, ‘Maybe we can get him on a contract that’s maybe a short term,’” Miller said on 95.7 The Game. “I’m hearing that Harper may be interested in a two or three-year deal now.”

“There may be some things changing down the road that allow him to become a free agent (when) there may be better offers down the road.”

MLB Network then discussed the possibility of Harper suiting up for the Giants.

We are now fully back into the Bryce Harper saga which will have new mystery teams – and the Dodgers back in whispers. Brace yourselves for a few more weeks of turbulence before an ultimate landing.

Keep in mind that this could be posturing by Harper and his agent Scott Boras simply to collect final interest from the market or just to test another theory within negotiation. In any event, the Dodgers remain a possibility, and we are here to make you aware of it all.

What are your thoughts? Does a shorter term deal interest you in Harper joining the Dodgers? Let us know in the comments why or why not!

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  1. I have been against signing Harper. That long contract puts too many restraints on the Dodgers. But now your talking 3 years, let’s get it done.

    1. Concur here with you because Freidman and Kasten or whoever will see their heads on the big chopping block if they allow Harper to go to a division rival like the Giants. if indeed it is a shorter term deal like what is said here, then just move Verdugo to the side.

    2. At the start of all this, the Dodgers said they wanted to sign Bryce Harper to a short term contract, and make him the Highest Paid Player in Baseball! Don’t forget! The Dodgers are being Paid 8.35 BILLION DOLLARS for the Broadcasting Rights to the Dodger Games, making them one of the Richest Teams in all of Baseball! It’s TIME for the Dodgers to PUT Up of SHUT UP! The Loyal Dodger Fans DESERVE to have Bryce Harper!!!

    3. Agreed. Even a 5 year deal would be okay. I’m just not comfortable about any more years than that. Do it or Faidi will steal him.

  2. Don’t need him,Joc could do same numbers if given the chance and for less money and better defense.Joc will even hit more hrs but the three stooges don’t know shit about baseball,with their stupid numberd Kirk Gibson would”t have hit that historic homerun. If they had been in charge back in 88.

    1. Harper is .280 for his career vs Joc @ .229. Joc has played 2 less seasons. And Harper has twice as many home runs as Joc. I love Joc. Watched him come up from the minors. But to say he is as good or better than Harper is just wrong. Harper is on another level of talent.

    1. Every team could use Harper. He is a solid talent. Why would anybody say a team doesn’t need one of the best players in the game on their team? lol. Makes no sense.

  3. no shot this happens. Dodgers are done. They’re on the cheap now content with the fact they’ll win the west again. Already spent the money to sign Pollock (bleh) wont go over the luxary for any circumstance, not even to get Harper on short term.

  4. I think that since the variables might be changing I am all in. I like Joc very much but he might bring a great player in return that could change the course of our 2019 season. I am referring to Corey Kluber. He would add a great starter in. the rotation and give the Dodgers a clear path to pennant and World Series. Forget a trade. for a catcher. We already have two and this way we can develop Ruiz and Smith.

    Go Blue!

    1. The Indian want Verdugo, not Joc. Joc could be included but Versugo is a must for the Indians.

  5. NO NO NO!!!With the signing of fuck Pollock, we simply do not need them. Peterson’s numbers in the last two years have not been that far off and he certainly cost a hell of a lot less. More interested in a number three starter and/or a very good middle relief pitcher. Anything that Scott Boras touches stinks. With the signing of Pollock, we simply do not need them. Peterson‘s numbers in the last two years have not been that far off any certain cost a hell of a lot less. More interested in a number three starter and/or a very good Miller relief pitcher. Anything that Scott borrows touch

    1. You took the words right out of my thinking…let’s just see HOW BAD HE REALLY WANTS TO BE with the Dodgers! He knows the Dodgers are a WS contender and that’s a no brainer for him folks.

  6. As I have commented before in my judgement Harper is the most over rated ballplayer in the Majors today. His what’s in it for me and not what can I do for you attitude turns me off as well as I believe many other fans. His delay in signing somewhere is also a turnoff. We are now less than one week away from the opening of spring training. His and Machado’s non signing to date also have a negative impact on other unsigned players. Those in the running will not invest in other players until these two sign. Rhetorically I ask how many titles did Harper bring Washington? If the Dodges feel a need to sign another player it ought to be a trade for Kluber. Let’s face it each of the five presumed starters are at risk for significant lost time due to injury. Their track record shows concern it this area. BTW, my history as a Dodger fan started in 1940, the year the phrase “Wait til next year” was born

    1. I don’t disagree with anything you stated … but Cleveland is not going to part with Kluber. I was against signing Harper from the beginning but if it’s true (a big if) he will sign for 3 years it has to give you pause. I’d go over the cap and sign him for 3 years.

      1. Ruth, Aaron, Mantle come to mind as close. But no .246 batting average was ever successful or even came close to leading a team anywhere. The Nationals had some quality pitchers and position players last year but their supposed leader bombed out. A true $300 million player would have led that team at least to the WS . Back in the 40s and maybe earlier a guy supposed to bat in the Nr 4 hole who hit below 250 would be a candidate for a minor league team the following year. My thoughts

        1. It doesn’t matter how good the player is, no single player can take a team to the World Series. Look at trout. He might be the greatest ever by the time his career is over and the Angels can’t even make the post season.

    2. I disagree. Harper is one of the top young talents in the game today. He might have had a down year (.249 & 34 home runs is a down year!) but his ceiling is very very high. What dodger fan actually dislikes an outfield of CB35, Polluck, Harper? And we could stil make a trade to the Indians although I like Bauer a lot more the kluber. Him not signing yet is no big deal. He wanted 10 years and is seeing teams don’t want to go long term right now. It’s not a big deal really. He plays with enough heart and passion. I would love to see him play for our Dodgers. I was at his very first MLB game, in LA

  7. Trying to figure Harper out. Does he want to win a championship or in it for the money? Does anybody here thinks that if he signs with the Giants that all of a sudden they(Giants) will be a contender? Look at the Angels, Trout has appeared in the post-season one time. IF I were Harper, I would go back to the Nats or sign with the Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals or whichever team has done well the past few seasons.

    1. I agree, just because if he signed with the Giants doesn’t automatically mean they will contend. He would be their number 1 player but it takes more than 1 to win. Plus they are talking about trading Bumgardner one of their best pitchers. I wouldn’t mind having him for a couple of years if the price is right especially since they traded Puig.

      1. Not only that but whether the Giants contend or not, they figure to give Dodgers a very hard time in those upcoming 19 games. Notice how Giants set ther rotation up with additional LHP and we all know why that is the case.

        1. I agree with you PaulDodgerFan1965, the Giants Always play the Dodgers tough, 8-11 in favor of Giants in 2018 if I’m not mistaken. Where do you think Pollock should bat, I’ve read he can lead-off, but me personally, I was thinking in the middle(3-4-5-6) between some lefties. I would give Verdugo a try at lead-off this spring.

          1. Robin, nowadays some teams have a guy with HR power beat lead off. Pollock as done pretty well there in the past. Now if Dodgers can fit someone like a CT# to bat lead off as he did in 2017, then yes, put Pollock in perhaps # 3 in the order but no further down than 5th for sure. As far as Verdugo goes, it’s just I am still having a tough time seeing most of the offense being expected to come from all the LH batters Dodgers already have.

      2. I agree with you Rebecca the Dodgers were around .500 with the Giants last year and that was without Seager and mostly Ryu plus an in and out Kershaw, a struggling Jansen and missing Turner for a quarter.
        The Giants appear to be in a semi-rebuild mode despite landing Farhan who is a very good baseball talent evaluator but also a realist.
        Baseball is a Team sport one megastar, I would debate, despite the hype, that Harper is in that category will not tip the Giants into competition. To me one of the few huge difference makers of Harpers generation is Trout who should be a megastar the young man is truly gifted at the plate and a very good defender.
        I Highly doubt the Dodgers are going over the Cap. And frankly I see no reason to, the Dodgers will use their Farm System as they have planned. Frankly I look forward to Spring and seeing Verdugo, Toles, Beaty, Peters Ruiz, Smith, Ruis and others compete for their Dream Jobs.

    2. Harper wants to play for a title. He looked into farm systems of teams to see how they are built for the future to win as well. But these guys still want to get paid. And forfeiting 10s of millions just to play on a better team doesn’t happen.

  8. I think that the way baseball is nowadays when you have top tier free agents and you can afford to get them, u go out and get them. If you don’t somebody else does and then somebody else wins the world serious. If you’re not out there getting free agents like the Boston Red Sox lip did last year they won or the astros did the year before that by getting Verlander, or Milwakee getting a nee outfield and look at the jleaps and bounds those teams moved up.We cannot be ok with a team that merely makes it to the World Series, if that was enough we would be back to back Winners.

  9. Well, Realmuto has been traded to the Phillies for prospects Phils were willing to part with to get a deal done plus international signing money. At least Realmuto did not go to a division rival. We simply will have to accept the Mendoza hitting catchers for 2019….

  10. It’s not happening. The Dodgers are doing all they can to stay under the cap. I did find it amusing that a commenter above compared Harper to Joc and then called the Dodgers FO “the 3 Stooges” ( not even sure who that would be since Farhan is gone) with fractured grammar and poor spelling. Ahh, ‘fans.’ Smh

  11. “The Harper Saga” grinds on. Now that Realmuto is no longer attainable, we need to ascertain where we go this season with those free agents who remain. If Harper is willing to take a 3 year deal with maybe a one year option, I sign him up!!!! He is a big bopper; in the prime of his career; playing at home so to speak; and can compensate for the loss of Puig (offensively speaking). So now, we have an outfield of Harper, Verdugo, and Pollock.
    This means we can still go after Kluber by shifting some talent to Cleveland. It would behoove us to bring to spring training Ruiz and Smith and really take a look at their game. Or, I still might go after Cervalli – especially if he is a right handed bat – and try to unload Barnes, Alvarez, etc. To have the money that the Dodgers possess and not use it at this critical juncture is silly. Lets do it!!!! Go Blue!!!

    1. Well said BLUE LOU! Myself and of course PD Jr. agree with ya here. Cervelli is a RH ba. But again, I am not yet sold on the current team as is going into ST being any better at all from the previous 2 year. IDK but I just see similar issues popping up again and again this year.

      1. Azul, I share your concern!!!! That is why I am willing to go after Harper : I think he might add a dimension to the team we are missing. With Harper, I think the amount of platooning might be reduced. At least I hope so!!! Already I see Pollock platooning with Belles for center field; Muncy and Belles platooning at first; Muncy platooning at second, the outfield and even first. This bothers me no end!!!! I need to consult with PD Jr on how these moves might work out!!!! Go Blue!!!!

  12. Shorter deal sounds great. But the Dodgers without a doubt, wont pull this off. It will push them over the tax line.

  13. Season tickets sold, Time Warner’s billion$, budget where they want it. Why would a business group cause themselves a loss of more profit? Let the Harper hysteria RIP

  14. Lets see, the Padres, Reds, Dodgers and Braves were supposed to be IN on Realmuto. So where the hell did the Phillies come from. That’s why written, verbal rumors and speculation are garbage!

  15. Harper has been linked to so many teams, it’s tough to keep track sometimes. So we asked OOTP to look at the other teams its own AI saw Harper signing with (the Padres and Dodgers), plus the Phillies, White Sox and Harper’s erstwhile team, the Nationals. Of those, the Dodgers easily offer the greatest amount of team glory — in fact, they would basically become a dynasty with Bryce on board, winning the 2020, 2021, 2023 and 2024 World Series and losing it in 2025 (as Harper would put up 44.3 WAR during seven seasons in L.A.). 3 Individually, Harper would finish with 98.3 WAR in that universe, edging out his 93.2 WAR in the Cardinals simulation for the best of the options we looked at. The rest offer varying degrees of lesser success from both a team and personal perspective, with the Phillies, Nats and Padres projected to make the playoffs a few times on Harper’s first contract (he would re-up with the Padres and Nationals for the long-term in those simulations) and Harper accumulating just shy of 80 career WAR in each universe.

  16. Harper and Machado have been sucking all the oxygen out of the air since the end of the workd series. Enough already, it is continuing ad nauseum. The rumors every day are tiresome. Let’s have the sportswriters Give it a rest and declare a moratorium until they sign. Maybe that might be the kick in the butt they need. Spoiled brats both

    1. Reading comments from sports writers the Harper-Machado contract deals have evolved into which high priced ego driven agent one up the other to the detriment of the players they represent and MLB.

      The players and agents have lost sight of the their market which are the MLB clubs. Between the Cap, economic profit driven reality and the predominance of statistic driven decision making, long term contracts and paying players 30 plus million a year for 5-10 years does not fit into today’s reality.

      Compare as an example in 2018 Muncy’s numbers vs Harpers. Or in 2017 CT3’s numbers vs Harpers then look at the cost of the player. Yes those are incredible cases but the Dodgers have had guys like Taylor, Bellinger, Muncy make huge impacts for little financial cost. That is what clubs see and are all using as a model as it multiplies profit and maneuverability later in the season if you are under the cap.

      Paying huge fines or even losing a treasured draft pick is not what teams are planning to do in the future.

      I am sure in 3 years when the MLB and Players Union contracts are renegotiated there will be a change as the players did not forsee the ramifications of the Hard Cap or the loss of a draft pick on players offered a one year deal and how that would affect the free agent market.

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