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Dodgers: Chris Taylor and Kyle Farmer Cheer Up Kids at Cedars-Sinai

Chris Taylor and Kyle Farmer have reminded us that being a ballplayer is bigger than what happens on the field. The two Dodgers took time out of their schedules to surprise kids who are patients at Cedars-Sinai hospital last Thursday.

According to ABC 7, the teammates took time to pose for pictures, sign autographs and chat with the children who are facing some difficult health challenges. The kids must have been uplifted to know big league ballplayers cared enough to visit them. Their parents were impressed and appreciative of the gesture as well.

Athletes receive admiration by virtue of their profession, especially from kids. It’s good to see them give back in such a simple but effective way. Whatever their struggles are on the field, this visit reminds us that a player’s stature is defined by more than their slash line.

Chris Taylor echoed that sentiment in speaking with ABC, “It’s a grind going out there every day, playing the game, but coming here and meeting these kids — there’s so much more to life than just a baseball game” Taylor said.

Justin Turner’s activation has resulted in Farmer’s return to Triple-A. It is clear, however, that his standing within the community shouldn’t be an obstacle whenever he comes back to LA.

One young patient named Titan summed it up pretty well in speaking with the ABC reporter. “If I played baseball again, I would want people like them to be my coaches.”

Well said Titan, well said.

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