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Chris Woodward Calls Los Angeles Dodgers A ‘Forward Thinking’ Organization

Admittedly, I haven’t heard Chris Woodward say more than a few passing words. So when given the chance to watch the entirety of his entire introductory press conference as manager of the Texas Ranger, it was interesting.

I can say with fleeting certainty – the Dodgers had a very sharp baseball man walk out the door when Woodward took the Rangers job. The guy is oozing with good baseball in his bones, and will probably make an excellent player’s manager.

The most direct quote Woodward gave on his past with the Dodgers was calling Los Angeles a ‘forward thinking’ organization. Moreover, as he added depth to the comment; Woodward gave glimpse as to what the Dodgers do right that other organizations do not.

“I don’t want to take anything away from the Dodgers, because they’re tremendous. They try to gain every advantage they can based on the information available. A lot of the teams – they don’t know what it is that gives them an advantage. So they have all these numbers and things that they throw out there. And they shift guys that they shouldn’t, they pitch guys a certain way that they shouldn’t.”

Woodward didn’t delve a lot deeper into the Dodgers way – perhaps as a sign of respect to his former club. However, to take him at his very word is to get a simple hint of the recipe that has produced two straight World Series appearances and three straight NLCS berths.

Chris Woodward Introductory Texas Press Conference

To hear the comments Woodward made on the Dodgers – fast forward to the 22:00 mark. Nevertheless, Woodward was short in talking about his past with the Dodgers. If this was done with intent – one cannot be sure – but just as he commended the Dodgers for being forward-thinking; it appears Woodward is taking the same route. His comments hold a lot of merit but focus mainly on looking forward, not back.


It’s clear that Woodward takes with him a certain compass of analytical value which was engrained in him in the Los Angeles clubhouse. Watching a Texas transformation in philosophy and on-field performance over the next few years should prove to be interesting with this in mind. Woodward used the words ‘culture’ and ‘growth’ many times within this press conference. It’s impressive to hear a manager speak this way – especially one as young as Woodward. There is a small part of me that will forever wonder what kind of manager Woodward could have been in Los Angeles given the opportunity. It’s clear that he has the rare perspective which will prepare him for the role. If my opinion counts: the Rangers got a good one here.

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  1. Dodgers should focus on winning NOW, while they have the players capable of doing so. Get a couple good relief pitchers, not rejects from other teams.

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