Clayton Kershaw Won’t Begin Season With Dodgers

On his birthday, news broke that Clayton Kershaw will not begin the regular season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Kershaw has been on the sidelines with left shoulder inflamattion, and has not yet appeared in a Cactus League game.

Pedro Moura among others echoed this melancholy news with a tweet.

Furthermore, Dave Roberts had little to expand upon this news.

“When he’s ready to pitch for us is when he’ll pitch for us,” Roberts said.

That tells us very little leading into the future, Dave. Still, not all is lost here. Various reports said that Kershaw’s latest bullpen session was a success, and in some 30-plus pitches he used his full repertoire. It’s reasonable to expect that Kershaw continues on his rehabilitation plan and joins the big league club not long into April.

Of course, this made official what we have all suspected this spring. Kershaw’s streak of nine consecutive Opening Day starts will come to a halt.

Obviously, this held some degree of importance to Kershaw.

Asked last week if making a ninth straight Opening Day start mattered to him, Kershaw said, “Yes and no.”

Since it was Kershaw’s birthday, the Dodgers official twitter account posted a memory you will all hold near and dear to your heart. Let’s look back quickly on that night in 2014 that the earth stood still, except for the voice of Vin Scully.

Final Word

When will we see Clayton Kershaw? No one knows. If you have an opinion on it, your thoughts are welcome in the comments. My best guess is we see Kershaw get a rehab appearance in or an extended spring training stay until his workload is up to speed. Then, he joins the team in mid or late April for hopefully the rest of the way.

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  1. Don’t come back until September then maybe you’ll be able to have a cover to cover October of dominance

  2. Dodgers need to move on and continue to put a solid team together instead of buying a bargain off of the auction block…..kershaw was declining for a few years now and he needs to figure out if he is able to pitch again…..there are other hopefuls in the wing awaiting for a chance and they need to be given a chance….

  3. Kershaw is stubborn. And the Dodgers know it. So the team is making sure he’ll be able to start and not get re-injured again. We all saw that happen before. If he has a bad enough injury and it shows then the Dodgers are going to do what has to be done to get him back in shape. Injury is the Dodgers middle name, i hate to say that but look what’s happened the last few years. they can’t seem to avoid it. but even with all these injuries each year they still contend, gotta give em credit.

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