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Cody Bellinger To Be Featured On MLB Network’s “Play Ball” Series

I’ve referred to Cody Bellinger more than once as ‘the showstopper’ of the Dodgers. When he’s at the plate, I never go grab a drink or take a restroom break. I’m always checking for his line in the box score (even though I usually know it in my head). He grabs headlines, gets clicks, sells merchandise, and has action figures produced of his likeness. Cody Bellinger could probably take Chuck Norris in a one-on-one cage match.

Due to all this, MLB Network will feature Bellinger on a series titled “Play Ball” premiering Saturday, April 7th at 10 A.M. EST. You’ll want to have your DVR’s set to record.

Among the topics covered will be his nickname “Cody Love” and how he acquired it. Bellinger will do a hitting demo with Kevin Millar in the cages to show fans how he prepares for a round of batting practice. He will also talk about what advice he would give to another young player entering the game at the highest level.

Cody Bellinger is one of the crown jewels of the current Dodgers kingdom. During a tough first week, it’s easy to still sit back and appreciate the fact that one of the brightest young talents in the game plays first base everyday for our club. His home run on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball was possibly the early marquee highlight of the 2018 season.

It’s nice to see baseball promoting the Dodgers young star on their flagship network. Things like this make the kids pretend to be said player in the back yard. Bellinger seems like a likable and colorful young player. The Dodgers are fortunate to be able to build around a cornerstone star like this for years to come.

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