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Collector’s Corner: Cody Bellinger Gets An Action Figure

For all the Dodgers fans out there who love to collect sports memorabilia and trading cards, I’ve got quite the find for you. A company out of Canada called Imports Dragon owns the rights to make Major League Baseball figures. To get a figure, you have to be one of the game’s brightest stars. This season, the company has decided to make a very cool Cody Bellinger figure. It’s been made available for preorder as of today.

If you were a kid growing up in the late 1980’s, you’re going to remember the commercial below fondly. Imports Dragon’s recreation of today’s stars reminds me of another toy/collectible gem, Kenner Starting Lineup Figures.

I just flashed back to my eight year old self. I’m at the local Toys R Us (Rest In Peace) with my dad and I am pulling on his jacket sleeve, begging him to buy me a Darryl Strawberry Los Angeles Dodgers figure. It’s about to be the 1991 season, Strawberry’s first in Los Angeles. I state my case that it’s going to be Strawberry’s greatest year ever. I make a bunch of promises that I can’t keep if he will buy it for me. The old man relinquishes and I head to the check-out line with the figure under his arm. Somewhere within his basement, that figure is in a box. And the memory of it lasts forever. After 1991, Strawberry didn’t make my case for him hold up.

If you’re a Dodgers fan with a kid, or just someone who has a basement full of Dodgers gear; this is must-have item. Last season, the company made similar figures of Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager. Each figure is in a limited run of production, so if you want one you’ll need to act fast.

The company has made figures such as Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Aaron Judge, and has also announced a Giancarlo Stanton Yankees figure among others. If you didn’t know that Bellinger had reached the big time when he took home Rookie of the Year hardware, this is a sign he’s arrived as a superstar.

Other items in the collector market have peaked my interest in early 2018. I need to find someone to snag me a Kirk Gibson bobblehead. The Topps ‘Living Set’ is one of the most unique baseball card ideas I’ve heard of – and I’ll buy every Dodger I see pop up. But the Cody Bellinger Imports Dragon figure is my white whale. There’s also a limited edition Bellinger Rookie of the Year figure already available that features him in the Dodgers away grey.

I’m sure my wife will be thrilled with me spending our hard earned money on ‘toys’. I’ll then explain to her that they are actually collectors items. And my son’s pleas as he bugs me to buy every Dodger figure released will make me smile. It will remind me of own childhood and how the sport and it’s memorabilia bridges together fathers and sons forever.

Where To Buy The Cody Bellinger Official Figure

You can preorder the figure at the main online retailer of Imports Dragon at this link. The Rookie of the Year edition can be ordered here. The baseball brand manager has also said that the figure will be available at the Dodger’s team shop. Now let’s just hope that the next guy on the list is Kenley Jansen. That would make a wickedly cool figure.

Image use with permission of Imports Dragon Figures 

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