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Corey Seager: Dodgers Organization and Fans Confident In Full Return

With the baseball season dragging towards it’s inevitable conclusion, I realize how much I miss you; Corey Seager. Seriously, the guy is allergic to slumps. They’re not really part of his game. There are few players who offer such a steadiness – such a low standard deviation of day-to-day performance.

And yet, yesterday we learned that Seager was to have another surgery.

News of Tommy John surgery rocked our world in late April. Then, arthroscopic (an angry-sounding word to begin with) surgery on his left hip. It’s only natural to be concerned about the long-term health of a young player who has sustained this amount of physical depreciation in such a short time.

However, worry not Dodgers fans. For all the measurable traits we can find on a statistics or scouting page; I believe the one thing we cannot measure is the heart within a ballplayer. When I think about Seager – I feel a strong intuition that he won’t just be ‘back’ – he’s going to come back with a vengeance.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ General Manager Farhan Zaidi echoed these sentiments with his comments on Tuesday.

Speak to me, Farhan.

“We expect him to make a full recovery. Particularly with the timing of doing it now, being able to resume baseball activity in January – there’s no long-term concerns,” Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi said.

The true story will be told when Seager resumes those activities  when leaves are on the ground this winter. We’ll know then what we’re really dealing with, and what form we can expect from the most-valuable Dodger when he returns.

In a poll ran by Dodgers Nation on twitter, you told us that you expect Seager back as good as ever. The poll finished with exactly 2,400 votes. It is interesting to note that the overwhelming majority of the Dodgers fan base feels strongly about Seager’s future remaining bright.

Corey, if you’re out there; we’re still thinking of you. Sure, we have Manny Machado for the right now. But you’re our guy, forever and always. The sweetest music will always come from your instruments.

And this writer knows your greatest hits album is still far off in the distance.

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