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Corey Seager: Received Treatment After Series Finale Against Miami

If you’re a good, devoted Dodgers fan; you’re scouring the internet before you get in bed tonight to check out the status of a possible Corey Seager injury. The Dodgers lost the game – and the series – to the lowly Miami Marlins with Clayton Kershaw on the bump. The bad news seemed to not end their on a soft fly ball hit by J.B. Shuck in the top of the ninth inning. Seager drifted into left field to make a play on the ball, and slipped. He appeared to suffer a possible injury, with trainer Stan Conte and manager Dave Roberts coming to his aide.

It appears that Seager avoided serious injury. But Bill Punkett reported after the game that Seager received some soft-tissue therapy. In typical Corey Seager fashion, he said he felt ‘fine’.

Seager would say he felt fine if there was a fifth metacarpal sticking out of his foot. Do you feel comforted? I don’t know if I feel all that comforted, yet.

This isn’t a case of a player suffering what I think is a major injury. Rather, it’s been like a million tiny cuts for Seager in his short career. We reviewed his injury history during spring training. It reads a little bit like a Tolstoy novel. We decided that the only thing keeping Seager from an MVP run was a clean bill of health.

Seager shrugged off the aches to climb in the batters box and single in the ninth inning. His 1-for-4 game raised his average to .241 on the season. To me, his slugging percentage of .333 in 87 at-bats suggests this is not a completely healthy player. If we are being honest with ourselves – this is not the superstar we have come to know. That said, his BABIP (batting average on balls in play) is under .200 this season. This suggests he’s suffering from a degree of poor luck. More hits should start falling.


While we wait and see if Seager plays on Friday in San Francisco, lets hope for better luck and that he can get restored to full health. Getting Justin Turner back, and Yasiel Puig hot are really important for a team showing a lack of offense. But without Seager getting on base and hitting for a little bit of power, this offense can only go so far. There may be no easier player to root for or love in a Dodgers uniform. Here’s to a Seager hot streak, and a run of consecutive games played that lasts through the summer.

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  1. Look for Kiké to start at SS on Friday and give Corey 2 days off before Saturday double header.

  2. It’s certainly about time to extend Kershaw and give him a billion dollar contract. The “best” starter is doing lousy, the “best” relief pitcher is doing crappy, the “best” hitter is a singles hitter and on and on. It’s very sad when you’re three best players are Chase Utley, Matt Kemp and Yasmani Grandal.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. This offense is absolutely anemic and lacks heart and discipline. Let’s face it, the only player we’re missing is Turner, and for a club that advertises it’s overall versatility and depth both offensively and defensively, we sure don’t exhibit it. The best pitching is not self sustaining without sufficient offense. Pitchers are much more relaxed and perform exceedingly better when they know their offense will provide the punch they need. This club had better get their act together before their fan base evaporates and they dig a hole they can’t get out of.

      1. I totally agree. Why do these hitters not swing at first pitch strikes. Every night opposing pitchers are throwing first pitch strikes and they stand there and take. Change the strategy. Matt is the only batter that seems to swing at these first pitch strikes right down the middle. Wake up or they’ll be 10 games or more out before Turner returns. They’ll be finished by the All Star break. Roberts fiddles while LA burns. Like in Cinderella the coach has turned into a pumpkin!

  3. Yup, this looks exactly like the team i saw in Phoenix during Spring Training. Resting the team really paid off. The battle now is not only to maintain a position, but to gain position..

  4. You guys aren’t wrong but remember, the team got off to slow starts every year for the last 5 yrs and then got hot! Kershaw had a bad outing and only gave up 3 runs, the offense scored enough to win but the bullpen kept the bleeding going. Having Toles instead of Joc from the beginning could have helped also. It’s a long season, we’ll be ok.

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