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Corey Seager Takes Huge Step Forward in Recovery

Spring Training is generally a time where players get back to their normal routine. After a few months of holiday binge eating and a lot of vacation time, it’s a time to get back into the swing of things as it were. But this Spring Training is much different for Corey Seager.

He’s not just working on getting back into shape after three-ish months off. Instead, he’s working tirelessly to make an extreme comeback from one of the most devastating injuries in baseball.

We updated earlier in the week that Seager had progressed into throwing across the diamond. This week, he also got in some batting practice as well as participating in full infield drills. He was throwing probably at about 40 percent in those drills. On Friday, he really let it loose.

Seager had previously gone fairly easy on his surgically repaired elbow. Given the difficulty of returning from Tommy John surgery, you would expect that. But Seager uncorked some throws today during long-toss. We’re talking high nineties in terms of effort percentage.

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Another good sign is that Seager took live at-bats as well. Many around baseball have realized he won’t get game action at short for most of Spring, but this is right around the time real at-bats were expected.

It will be interesting to see over the next few days how Seager feels after throwing today. Dodgers Nation will be in the media room on Sunday with plans to find this information out from either Dave Roberts or Corey Seager.

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  1. Really? You think they just sit around and get fat over the off-season? Then come to ST to get into shape? I suppose you think they have off-seasons jobs to help them make ends meet, too. Every one of these guys works out pretty hard after a couple of weeks off, some not even waiting that long. In Seager’s case, he obviously wasn’t doing baseball-related activities, but you can bet your house he was doing all of the surgery-related rehab that was required, and probably more, to get him to ST to get started working on baseball. And TJ surgery isn’t the devastating surgery it once was. Medical science has improved immensely since, well, since Tommy John had Tommy John surgery.

  2. Always liked Corey. Glad he’s doing well and hope he gets back in shape safely. I do expect to see him in the lineup sometime this year, soon I hope. I hope he realizes he can’t come back with a big bang. He has to do it nice and easy. I know, I’ve been there. As for Verdugo, he has to prove himself to the team and the fans that he’s an every day player. He didn’t show me that much last year with the little time he spent with the Dodgers. I get the feeling he’s a little cocky. he has to come off of that and play the way he knows how.
    The Dodgers have a lot of young talent playing this season, I like what I see. One can easily take another’s job if they didn’t have a hefty contract. The future is there for the Dodgers if they don’t get rid or trade any of the prospects.

  3. corey seager es un profesional a carta cabal el lo sabe , yo creo que el se va apreparar a consiencia es todo un profesional .

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