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Dave Roberts Discusses Manny Machado, All-Star Game and More

Dave Roberts has been a busy man this week. The Dodgers skipper spent the earlier part managing his first career All-Star Game, and now he’s been spending his week figuring out where to put his new shortstop in the starting lineup. On Friday morning, Roberts called into the Dan Patrick Show to discuss LA’s newest acquisition, managing the midsummer classic, and a whole lot more.

How did the Dodgers turn things around?

I think we just started winning baseball games. Guys just started playing better. I never want to say World Series hangover, because I don’t think that affected us. We just didn’t get off to a good start, and we started playing better baseball.

What was the best part of managing the All-Star Game?

Being on the line getting introduced and shaking hands with the best players in the game and having the opportunity to shake hands with the veterans in the infield at the end.

At the time, did you know Manny Machado would be a Dodger?

I did not, but I was hopeful. I heard what everyone else was hearing. Our guys were working on it, but it wasn’t done, but I was hopeful.

Did you speak to Manny Machado at all?

I saw him the day we got in, it was an awkward kind of hello. It was one of those things that you’re supposed to be dating but you’re not supposed to be dating. It was kind of weird.

How involved are you when it comes to this kind of a trade?

It’s more of ‘Hey, do you think Manny can help this team?’ Yes. Something like that, it’s pretty much a no brainer.

What do you think of miking players in the outfield during the All-Star Game?

Things have evolved, I think it’s great. I’m old school, but I think a way now, you’re talking about getting interest of fans, the real time interaction is great because I don’t think it will affect outfielders once a pitch is delivered.

Thoughts on in-game interviews with managers?

I think it’s trying to get the fans closer to the dugout. I’ve done it a few times. Do I love it? Absolutely not. Do I like it? No. But I understand the bigger picture, so that’s why I try and do my part.

How do you look at the second-half of the season?

It’s a little lair. With the pitching, it’s a 10 day outlook. I think with the positional player, it’s a seven day outlook to make sure I can look at the probables and get guys involved. Our guys do a very good job of the day to day. Last year on game seven, we still had gas in the tank to keep going. I think that’s the challenge for any ball club when you’re playing a long season. The pitching part you have to do, the positional player I think the manager has to do to keep communication with the player. I think day-to-day on just trying to win one baseball game at a time is the challenge.

Can you have too much starting pitching?

I don’t think so. It takes a buy in for the guys. Pitchers are used to the five day routine. Keeping a guy in the rotation, not sending a guy to the bullpen, understanding an extra day is a good thing, a buy in is necessary.

That pretty much wrapped up the Dodgers portion of the interview. The rest of the interview consisted of the two discussing far more better baseball related topics, such as Tim Tebow and Michael Jordan! If you’re interested in listening to the full interview, you can check it out here:

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