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Dave Roberts Talks Dodgers Opening Day Starter, Kershaw Unlikely

Finally, some the Dodgers have provided clarity with the Opening Day starting pitcher situation that has unfolded over the last few weeks. Moreover – as we all may have sensed – Clayton Kershaw is unlikely to be on the mound on March 28 when Los Angeles opens their season.

Manager Dave Roberts confirmed this to Ken Gurnick of who released a series of tweets on Friday.

Equally important – Rich Hill is gaining steam as the starter who could open the Dodgers season. Furthermore, this means the Dodgers are not thinking in the direction of Walker Buehler who is dealing with arm fatigue.

Finally, Gurnick reveals that while Kershaw may be on the shelf for the opener; his recovery process may not deem him out long.

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At the same time, none of this should be shocking information to Dodgers fans. While the starting rotation may seem ‘in flux’ for the time being, plenty of depth exists to absorb a few missed starts by Kershaw and Buehler. Now is when you come to appreciate the flush depth the Dodgers have within this group. In reading between the lines – one should have considered that this was going to be the outcome all along.

Soon we will learn the Opening Day starter with how the rotation is lined up in the final days of spring training. Until then, hope for clean workouts from Kershaw and Buehler. Getting them back early in April and ready to post a quality start is a key to building momentum for the long haul.

Dodgers fans: how do you feel about Rich Hill as your Opening Day starter? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Now it is “arm fatigue” for Buehler? This could be the worst news of all. All of this slow play bs has been a diversion from what could be a serious problem. I certainly hope that I am wrong.

  2. So the only choices we have for opening day are Rich, Hyun-Jin, Julio, Kenta or Ross? There are teams that would absolutely kill for those choices. Pick one and bring on Clayton and Walker when they are ready. We will be fine. By the way….how about Yimi this spring? It is good to see him back to the Yimi of old.

  3. Rich Hill would be my last decision for opening day from our roster.
    Julio looking very sharp at the moment
    I’d take Ryu before Hill as well.

  4. Rich is ~HOT~ right now. This could be his last year as a Dodger, and possibly his last year in the Majors. I would grant the honor to Rich as an ode to his amazing career, with his future not yet defined.

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