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Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford Gives Clayton Kershaw Shoutout In New Play

It was displayed during yesterday’s Lion’s game, Matthew Stafford called an audible and you can hear a faint “Kershaw!”

Clayton Kershaw and Matthew Stafford both grew up in the same town in Texas, they played basketball, football, and baseball together. They grew up friends and remain friends to this day. Even Clayton’s wife, Ellen, knows Stafford well as they went to the same high school.

Stafford watched Kershaw fall into the spotlight first since Kershaw was drafted right out of high school by the Dodgers, while Stafford went to school to play football. Now, both of these franchise players have broken contract records for their sports. Stafford signed the biggest NFL contract ever in 2017 and Kershaw signed a record-breaking contract for a pitcher back in 2014.

Stafford called for an audible “Kershaw!” which may be one of the coolest ordeals in sports. Two friends, growing up together, recognizing each other’s success and celebrating their friendship. Both players in the spotlight on Monday night and doing what they do best. Unfortunately, Clayton Kershaw ended up losing the game to the Phillies while Matthew Stafford and the Lions prevailed, boosting their totals to 2-0 on the year.

Who knows, maybe Kershaw will name his classic curveball the Stafford!

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