Deuces Wild Podcast Episode 3: Offseason Review, Analytics Pros-Cons And More

Welcome back to the Deuces Wild Podcast! Host Jay Barquero was originally going to go it alone, but I happened to be in the office that day and, honestly, any opportunity to talk Dodgers is hard to pass up.

In the show’s discussion we talk about the various projections regarding how this season might go. When all things are considered (losing Zack Greinke, missing on other targets and anything else that transpired this winter), it’s fairly astonishing how this team still seems poised for another solid season.

Also covered:

  • Organizational depth: Andrew Friedman has assembled a group largely capable of playing multiple positions so withstand the rigors of a 162-game season. Will the theory work as planned?
  • The Dodgers have a couple players whose seasons — if not entire careers — have been defined by runs of peaks and valleys. Can more consistency be found by those guys?
  • We talk about some of the behind the scenes stuff of running the site and managing comment sections .
  • Home-grown talent vs. free agent acquisitions and how each player type resonates within a fan base.
  • Finally, and this was a fun discussion, we talk about the analytics movement and why it’s become almost a religious war over how involved statistics have become in sports coverage.

We hope you enjoy this podcast and make sure you hit the subscribe button for more videos like this as we embark on another Dodgers season!

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