DirecTV Issues Statement On SportsNet LA In Wake Of Charter Agreement


As the Los Angeles Dodgers’ bats have been stuck on zero in four of the last 10 games, there’s been significant progress off the field to end the SportsNet LA impasse. After Comcast’s unsuccessful attempt to purchase Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications has now stepped in.

Charter’s intention to purchase TWC means their customers will now be able to view Dodgers games on SportsNet LA within the next few weeks. While it’s undeniably a step in the right direction, holdouts from other pay-TV providers such as, AT&T U-Verse, Dish Network, and DirecTV remain an issue.

According to Meg James of the LA Times, DirecTV issued the following statement amid news of Charter’s pending purchase:

We continue to hope TWC and the Dodger front office will compromise with the rest of Southern California’s providers so all Dodger fans can watch their games without burdening everyone else with significantly higher fees,” DirecTV said in a statement.

Although TWC’s asking price for SportsNet LA is on par with other major regional sports networks in the nation, it appears to be the major hurdle in a resolution being reached with all, or the majority of pay-TV providers.

In similar fashion to what’s transpiring between Charter and TWC, a merger of AT&T and DirecTV currently hangs in the balance, and upon completion, could too come with positive news regarding SportsNet LA.


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  1. I just switched to the Roku and bought MLB TV premium. I get every Dodger game home and away and yes I live locally in the LA area.

    1. Denz, I (unfortunately) live in The Bay Area, and have ROKU and MLB.TV Premium. I watch every Dodger game, except when Blue is playing the Gints. I have to watch the local broadcast. (with the sound turned off because I can’t stand the clowns on the local broadcast). So how do you get local games in LA?

      1. Rick dodgers fan blue and through who grew up in Gnats territory and I totally disagree… Kruk and Kuip are the best announcers behind of course Vin! They were the one good thing about growing up in Gnats country

        1. how do you mak your ip address. I tried it and it didn’t work. I uses unblockus and followed their instructions and it still didn’t work

          1. I don’t use unblockus so not sure of their instructions. I use a traditional VPN directly through my router. Try checking one of the many what’s my IP sites and see if it’s an IP in the city that you chose. Or, I read somewhere that ending your SSID _nomaps will disable location services and this does the trick for some. I’m a novice myself, so I Google everything. Good luck!

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