DIY: How to Make Your Own Los Angeles Dodgers Nike Jersey for Cheap… er

Over on Reddit, user fastmxsx is like most Dodgers fans that would love to have a new Nike branded Dodger jersey with the on-field patches. However, the price point early in the run for the player model swoosh jersey is a bit high for most responsible consumers… so fastmxsx came up with a plan.

He would just make his own.

Nike Jersey Upgrade!! I bought the $120 and invested in some patches for about $40. Will post video of finished product! from Dodgers

Of course, it came with a video tutorial as well.

The fan purchased all the current patches for the 2020 season — including an added Kobe Bryant patch (which is awesome) — and went to work on creating his own on-field version of a Cody Bellinger Nike jersey.

Of course, the easy alternative is to save yourself the trouble and just buy a jersey at the Dodger Stadium store, but if you’re looking for a fun project, and to save around $150, this may be the alternative for you!

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