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Do Dodgers Fans Approve of Dave Roberts’ Job in the 2022 Regular Season?

The 2022 Dodgers put together one of the greatest regular seasons in MLB history. Their 111 wins tied for the fourth most in a season in MLB history. It also shattered the previous franchise record of 106 wins, and was by far the league’s best record since the 2001 Mariners.

The Dodgers also had a run differential of +334, which is the fourth-best in MLB since the beginning of the 20th century, and best since 1939. Talk about dominance.

Throughout the year, the Dodgers dealt with a ton of injuries to the pitching staff, and had some key guys miss time. But none of that seemed to matter, and a large part of that success has to be credited to their manager, Dave Roberts.

So fans took to Twitter to share their approval ratings of Doc’s 2022 regular season.

And it’s safe to say, he passed.

A whopping 64.7 percent of voters gave Roberts an ‘A’ for his 2022 regular season, while another 30.5 percent gave him a ‘B.’ Just 1.4 percent of fans said he didn’t pass and got an ‘F,’ but it would be interesting to hear their reasoning on that one.

Maybe that 1.4% doesn’t want to give him a passing grade until he comes away with a World Series. That would be harsh, but to each their own. Thankfully, those people weren’t my teachers in school.

Noah Camras

Noah is the Lead Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. Amen to Dave Roberts. If you want to see how Managers lose games all you had to do was watch the Phillies-Cardinals 9th inning I today’s opener

  2. Obviously, Roberts is the man for the job. As John Madden said years ago in reference to a coach in the NFL, “yeah, you can replace him, but who are you gonna get that’s better?”

  3. Roberts is a clown that constantly stands in the way of Dodgers victories. We have to find ways to win despite his ineptitude. A decent manager would have won far mored games than Roberts the Clown. Fire his stupid a$$.

  4. Roberts always over thinks it .. Hopefully he will not choke again in the playoffs by doing stupid moves ..He should be gone if we don’t win world series..period!!

  5. Over think?Under think? Anyone watch the 9th inning of the first Card-Phillies game? They ( whoever they are)claim Managers lose10 games a year. That certainly was a BIG one to lose. Robert’s style never would have left that pitcher who had a melt down in that long. Going in with a two run lead and giving up 6 with a pitcher who could not put the ball in the strike zone being left in seemingly as a punishment blew the game wide open. It may well have cost them the playoff victory. Give me Roberts any day. Has anyone won more games during his managerial tenure?

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