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Dodger Fans React to Proposed 2020 Dodger Stadium Renovations

Despite the TV deal issue, this Gugenheim Ownership Group for the Los Angeles Dodgers have really been putting their money where their mouth is by giving the fans a winning product on the field, an amazing farm system to ensure success for the future and now, an amazing upgrade to the Dodger Stadium Experience.

Earlier today, Dodgers Nation was lucky enough to attend the revealing of the 2020 All Star Game logo along with the proposed upgrades to the stadium itself in preparation for MLB’s showcase event.

We gave some thoughts on the upgrades, but we also wanted to share the opinions of what we’re seeing on social media as well:

The biggest question now is how much are beer and food prices going up. Let’s hope not by too much.

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  1. I’m a traditionalist, but I am really excited about the new look coming up for 2020. The only issue is still going to be the parking and getting cars in and out of the parking lot. It’s like going to the best restaurant with the best food but getting there and the food is cold. Know what I mean?

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