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The Dodgers Introduced a Creative Way to Get Fans to Games

If you have been one of the many lucky fans to visit Dodger Stadium this year or in the past, you know the pains of getting there all too well. If you’re driving, it is inevitable that you will throw at least one temper tantrum while on the 110 Freeway, or the 5, or the 101, or the 10 for that matter. Whatever way you take, you’re going to have a tough time getting to a Dodgers game. That’s what happens when you place a very popular team in the heart of a city with nearly four million people.

Luckily, the team and its ownership group understand our struggles all too well. And they came up with a rather creative way to fight that.

That’s right, there will be a gondola in the skies of Los Angeles come 2022. The aerial rapid transit (ART) project is set to connect Dodger Stadium with Union station, which is approximately three miles from the front gate of the stadium. The system is projected to transfer 5000 fans per direction per hour from the estimations of the project founders.

Regardless of how you feel about heights, it’s nice to see the ownership group working to alleviate the stress of getting to a ball game. As is the case with all public transportation, we’ll have to see how it goes. I know personally, I would rather drive up to the gates and pay the parking to make it to a game on time. Especially if the wait gets me into the game during the fourth inning.

Any Tips?

What are some ways you like to get into Dodger Stadium? Do you have any secret backways to take that we can all steal? Tweet at us or comment on our Facebook post and let us know! I like to take the 5 to Braodway and take the back way though Solano Avenue. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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  1. Problem would be with leaving ..: and standing in line …
    Took the shuttle from Dodger Stadium to the Coliseum and back when the Dodgers played the Red Sox
    A disaster getting back …
    Also no Picnic taking Shuttle after a Bruins game at the Rose ? Bowl

  2. Too bad this doesn’t help with the exorbitant prices of attending a game. Chances are, parking will be 5 to 10 bucks and the ride will be another 20 or more.

  3. When I lived in Victorville 15 to 10 west, off on Alameda turn right to College turn left go through China Town first turn past the110 on College turn right next left ( I think is stadium way) always a fast way to game. Now leaving is a different story. Just about always stopped off at Felipe’s for a French dip.

  4. I understand McCourt is funding or helping fund this project. Isn’t he getting a percentage of the parking revenue as it is. I’m sure he is not involved with this project out of the goodness of his (no, I’m not saying greedy) heart

  5. Took the 5 to Broadway to Solano since the early ’70’s! Now everyone goes that way and it’s no longer a secret and no longer a quick and easy way to get in!

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