Dodger Players Photoshopped as Females. Blame Dodgers Reddit.

With all the craziness of Kenley’s heart condition and the pressures of the upcoming series with the Arizona Diamondbacks, we can always rely on the amazing contributions to Dodgers Reddit to help lift the spirits of Dodgers Nation.

Credit users /DocMacGuffin for this find as you’re going to see some faces here that you’re probably never going to unsee for the rest of your life. Now, the question is, can you accurately guess who is who? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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  1. Jensen, Taylor, Kemp, Stripling, Utley, Muncy, Machado, Wood, Baez, Turner, Kike, Dozier, Bellinger, Kershaw, Stripling, Maeda, Barnes, Yasmani, Puig, Pederson, Buehler, Alexander, Garcia, Roberts.

  2. Dying laughing…JANSEN, Machado, Wood, Turner, bellinger, Pederson, Kershaw, Puig, Roberts

  3. Top row – Kenley, CT3, Kemp, seager.
    2nd row – Muncy, Hill, manny, Caleb Ferguson.
    3rd row – Baez, JT, Kiké, Utley.
    4th row – Cody, Kersh, Wood, Kenta.
    5th row – Dozier, Yazmani, Puig, Joc.
    Bottom row – Beuhler, Scott Alexander, Yimi Garcia, Doc.

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