Dodgers Rumors: Pros & Cons of a Kevin Youkilis Trade

The Dodgers average 4.31 runs per games, which is less than six National League teams and nine American League teams. The lack of production from Juan Uribe, James Loney and others is taking its toll on the Dodgers offense. Luckily for the Dodgers they have the second-best average in runs allowed per game at 3.52, only behind the Washington Nationals.

Now that we have a clear indication that we have to improve our offense, let’s evaluate rumored target Kevin Youkilis.

A few things an outsider (non-Red Sox fan) thinks when hearing Kevin Youkilis’s name these days, “He’s in a 2-for-23 slump right now” or “This guy is too injury prone” maybe even “I thought he retired.”

While two of those three are true, this actually helps the Dodgers…

The Cons:

  • Injury prone
  • Very poor .288 wOBA (explained)
  • $14M salary this year with $13M team option, $1M buyout for 2013

Clearly a bad situation for the Red Sox. Doing their best to give Youkilis time to work on his market value. However, all the extra time is doing is driving his value to the ground.

The Pros:

  • Low market value, means lower cost to acquire
  • Hits very well against lefties, making him perfect for a platoon
  • Boston is willing to eat salary to gain a better prospect (pro & con)
  • Would be cheap enough to allow us to go after another bat, if presented

Why It Works For The Dodgers:

The cost in terms of salary and prospect(s) would be low. I honestly feel a change of scenery would really help Youkilis.

His numbers against left-handed pitching makes him a perfect platoon candidate for Loney and Uribe who both struggle against southpaws.

This would give the Dodgers a chance to still evaluate both players and determine if another move needs to be made before the deadline, assuming Youkilis can handle third base duties.

In the end this is a perfect trade to make right now, while leaving plenty of time to let the market develop.

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