Dodger Stadium Renovation: A Recent Comprehensive Aerial View of the Ballpark

So earlier in the week, I posted what I had found online for a recent update on the renovation at Dodger Stadium… because all offseason (and now into the non-regular season) that’s been a huge focus of mine. Any update to my beautiful ballpark at Chavez Ravine is must-see TV

Assuming you are like me and are intrigued at any visual you can get of the progress at 1000 Vin Scully Ave, then I have a treat for you.

Old friend John Kay posted a new aerial update of the centerfield plaza build at Dodger Stadium, and it’s a good one.


This is far and away the most progress that the naked eye could see in some time.

Going back, last summer the ballclub announced that Dodger Stadium would undergo a $100M renovation ahead of LA’s first MLB All-Star Game in 40 years. After a full offseason, senior vice president of planning and development Janet Marie Smith said that her biggest fear for the stadium not being ready for opening day was the rain.

Then coronavirus came into the picture in a big way and the hard launch date of March 26 was an immediate afterthought.

As construction crews have reportedly reduced in size, progress has understandably slowed. However — from the visuals — things are absolutely getting done.

More Dodger Stadium


First, the concrete has been poured for the central walkway of the new plaza (earlier in the week we already noted the concession stands being put in place). The new home run seats are completed and the outfield wall is up and awaiting padding.

Additionally, the batter’s eye and new sound system appear complete, but the planned kids play area below seems to be a temporary staging area at the moment.

Most importantly, the playing field looks perfect and ready for a ballgame at a moment’s notice…

The more you re-watch the video, the more easter eggs you find — and the more you yearn for Dodger baseball.

Let’s hope we get to see some games there in 2020.

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