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Dodger Stadium Renovation: Latest Aerial View of $100M Pavilion Upgrade Looks Ready for Baseball

We’re back again this week with another stunning aerial video of Dodger Stadium renovations and upgrades. This week, Youtuber John Kay does his drone flyover of the progress made, and the stadium looks amazing. 

The first thing you notice is that the Jackie Robinson statue has been placed in it’s new home outside of the centerfield gates. The landscaping around the stadium also appears to be mostly completed with trees being put back into the plazas as well. 

The outfield walls have finally been put back up, and the centerfield kid’s area looks to be nearly complete. The fact that the outfield wall was put up signals that renovations are almost completed, there are just a few small things remaining in the process. The grass that was supposed to be put into that play area has been laid, all that remains is some minor detailing. The batter’s eye is up, but just needs to be painted blue. 

Justin Turner revealed on Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser’s Off-Air Podcast that he would be taking a tour of Dodger Stadium this week. The veteran infielder is ready to give his thoughts and opinions on the upgrades from a hitter’s perspective, including the new batter’s eye. 

I actually think I’m supposed to go up there Thursday and socially distance and look at some of the stadium, like the hitters eye and stuff like that. Make sure it’s okay. …Yeah, I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell anyone that but yeah, I might get in trouble. – Justin Turner

As long as we get some behind the scenes looks at the new renovations, we won’t be mad at it JT. Dodger Stadium was set to be ready by Opening Day after putting $100m into a renovation, a date that was moved for obvious reasons. 

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  1. Let’s hear about the status of the Gondola please. We have seen exactly ZERO articles on its progress since April of 2019 although inside information before the Covid 19 outbreak has revealed that the project has been pushed back 2 years so that it will be ready in 2024.

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