Dodger Stadium Renovation News and Notes: Things to Know Before Opening Day

Opening day is less than three weeks away for the Dodgers. Of course, the club opens at home against the San Francisco Giants, but that home will have some wholesale changes over last season.

The organization began groundbreaking on its planned $100M renovation days after the Dodgers lost in the NLDS. Even with an additional three weeks to work after the early exodus, things are still cutting it close at Dodger Stadium.

Dodger Stadium Renovation Timeline: 2003-Present

After visiting the stadium this week and spending time with Dodgers’ Senior Vice President, Planning and Development Janet Marie Smith, I’ve assembled a list of notes and need-to-know items for fans head of not only opening day, but the freeway series against the Angels as well.

This list will be grouped into sections and in no particular order.

General Information

  1. The pavilions and centerfield plaza will not be open for the March 22-23 freeway series against the Angels
  2. Some elements of the project will not be ready for opening day. However, the stadium will safely be ready for 56,000 fans on March 26
    1. Some elements will be unveiled and added during the first few homestands
  3. Dodger Stadium will now feature 5 elevators and 4 new escalators around the stadium
  4. Bridges and walkways will be added to allow patrons to walk all the way around the stadium for the first time ever
    1. Fans will not be allowed to stand and watch on the bridges
  5. Fans will be able to enter from any gate and get to their seat/section, eliminating the need to hike up the perimeter of Dodger Stadium to get to your gate
  6. The “All You Can Eat” section will be moved to the reserved level, although specifics are not currently available
  7. The new audio system was designed to keep as much sound in the stadium as possible 

Plaza, Pavilion, & Home Run Seat Information

  1. The pavilion area will now have double the amount of restrooms with facilities on two levels in each section
    1. There will also be a first aid room and a nursing room underneath the pavilions
  2. The new home run seats will be individual seats and require a ticket
    1. The seats are barstool style with drink rails
    2. The section comes with all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverage offerings
    3. In-seat waiter/waitress service provided
    4. The lowest price found as of publish time is $125 per seat
  3. Three new bars will be added to Dodger Stadium
    1. One air-conditioned bar under each pavilion with an eye-level view into the adjacent bullpen
    2. A centerfield bar on a viewing deck with a game perspective similar to the traditional camera view at Dodger Stadium
  4. Of the new food offerings in the plaza area, two concessions will be vintage vehicles reconditioned to act as concession stands
    1. A Dodger ice cream truck
    2. And a michelada service fire truck
  5. The plaza will feature Dodgers history and memorabilia, including a permanent home for the “Legends of Dodger Baseball” series of plaques, and the Jackie Robinson statue currently homed on the reserved level parking lot area.
    1. Additionally, a new Sandy Koufax statue will be added during the season

Final Thoughts

Be patient for an almost all-new experience at Dodger Stadium this year. Things will take some time to get used to everyone — ushers, security, and fans included. Don’t expect everything to be completed for opening day or even the month of April… good things take time and this project is a very good thing for Dodger Stadium.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the renovations. Just please, no renaming the stadium. I know it’s tempting for teams to whore themselves out for the money, but let’s draw the line at a name change.

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