Dodger Stadium Updates for 2019

2019 Dodger Stadium parking prices were listed on the team website and, you guessed it, the prices went up for the upcoming season.

2019 pricing lists as follows:

  • $17 for General Parking, when purchased in advance
  • $25 for General Parking at the gate
  • $40 for Lots F, K, N, and B
  • $45 for Lot H

This comes on the heels of seeing record prices of $40 in advance, and $60 at the gate for general parking during the 2018 World Series.

As usual, the Dodgers will continue to offer Lot 13 offsite parking admission for $5 at the gate.

But this isn’t the big news out of Dodger Stadium today…

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Goodbye Plastic Straws

Chavez Ravine will no longer be giving out plastic straws to fans. Only paper straws will be available upon request.

The move is in compliance with recent legislative attempts by both the city of Los Angeles and the state of California to eliminate plastic waste.

In January 2018, California legislators proposed attaching a $1,000 fine for plastic straw use and Los Angeles City Council has already passed legislation for restaurants to only provide plastic straws to its customers upon request.

In addition, the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants are expected to undergo similar changes to their respective ballparks in order to comply with the new legislation.

The StubHub Center in Carson, home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Galaxy, have already made the necessary shifts.

It is also worth noting that plastic straws were absent from Dodgers FanFest a few weeks ago.

Most people do not sip their micheladas with straws, but the sodas truly account for a lot of plastic waste.

Yes, this is a very controversial topic for most. Just look at the ratio on Pedro Moura’s tweet. However, this is a clear step in the right direction.


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  1. the dodgers didn’t do anything to get over the hump, the buffalo bills of baseball, dodger fan since 1953,spend some of that money that your rat holeing and lets get it done!!!!

    • look at the red sox, yanks, and astros, we can”t compete without star power, not always from within. Sign someone with no health issues!!!

  2. We are not discussing the real issue. The Dodgers and their contract with SportsNet LA. $9 billion over 30 years or $300 million a year. Does that number have a certain ring to it. The Dodgers can spend $300 million a year and completely cover their player payroll for the next 30 years! And they will still make more profit than at anytime in their history. And to take it a step further unless you move to Spectrum you can’t watch the games on tv. The Dodgers were only concerned about themselves and to H with Dodger followers. I can well afford to go to games with my family. However I won’t anymore. I am not willing to line the pockets of individuals that do not care about their customers.

    • They are pocketing all of that cash you mentioned from the tv deal. That’s what buying the Dodgers was all about

    • Yes $300M a year. But each year that value erodes due to inflation. $300M today does not buy you the same value 5, 10, or my Lord 30 years from now? And what will be the viability of the pay tV the near future. Pay Tv companies are losing 1K customers each day collectively. They are instead choosing to purchase ala carte streaming services. None of them carry Sportsnet LA.

  3. I love the Dodgers as a team. I hope and pray every year that they will do great and go to the World Series. What have they given to us in return? Some good-to great games but just to flatten out in the end, just like the Angels. Everybody is yelling and pulling their hair out because they don’t pick up great players. And when they do get one or two, well of coarse the salaries are off the chart and who ends up paying? We do, the fans. I use to go to watch the Dodger games maybe 6 times a year. I’m lucky to go once a year now. The traffic is still bad, the prices are sky high and the club hasn’t done any better. getting a base hit 3 out of 10 times is really not a good average. And most of these guys aren’t doing that and still get their Multi Millions? They’re not doing enough to deserve so much money. When they start thinking about the fans and bring the prices down then maybe we’ll go to see more game. But I’m not holding my breath.

    • The San Francisco Giants are a class organization that does what they do for the fans and baseball team first . The complaints about the Dodgers ownership above is completely spot on. I no longer support these evil greedy scum bags they only bought the team to capitalize on the yuge amount of money that could be made off of a tv deal and team brand and had no intention of spending any of it on the team to give back to the fans for loyal support. Instead they go cheap and jack up all the prices pocketing all of it when they don’t need it. The above comments describe it perfectly. The Giants do it right, yes they fell off the map but not before winning 3 rings doing things right by the team and fans and they will continue to try to get back and trust me they will

      • Classic Act?
        I guess beating on the wife in public and on video shows class from an owners point of view…… just saying

    • Flatten out? Just like the Angels? When was the last time the Angels won 7 Division titles? 3 hits out of 10 at bats is HOF stuff. If you don’t like the traffic, take the Dodger Express or park in Chinatown and rent a scooter off your Uber app. I’m glad you’re not going to the games. It makes the lines shorter!

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