Dodger Trade Rumors

Dodger Trade Rumors:
It’s no secret the Dodgers are looking to improve their pitching staff. It’s also no secret the Dodgers aren’t willing to trade Kemp, Kershaw, Billingsley, or Broxton. I’m not sure if Martin, Loney, and Ethier make the untouchable list, but I think we all know the Dodgers time to shine is 2009 and 2010. It’s time for Ned to (as my girlfriend would say) put on his big boy pants. Meaning, get out there and make it happen. Last year we lucked out with the Manny deal, thanks to Boston getting the job done. This year Ned needs to get the job done. Let’s go over some of the rumors around the way…


Halladay – We’re said to have a 10/1 chance of acquiring Halladay. It would be a package around Kemp & Kershaw (which won’t happen) or 6 of our prospects (which is possible).

Cliff Lee – We’ve been linked to interest in Lee and possibly V-Mart, however both players are locked up for a cheap price. The asking price for this combo could be equal to, or even great than the asking price for Halladay.

Victor Martinez – Can’t help but like the idea of adding a player of his caliber to our roster.

Jarrod Washburn – Interesting trade. It wouldn’t cost us the future, but he’s hardly the ace we’re looking for. I like this trade idea if we also target George Sherrill.

George Sherrill – I love the idea of adding this guy to the pen. Having a one-two punch of Sherrill and Broxton would be lights out.

Ian Snell – I haven’t seen him linked to the Dodgers, but I assume we could get him at a decent price, making him a low risk addition. Dominating in the minors this could be exactly the pitcher we’re looking for, and would leave us our trade chips to target relief.

Personal Thoughts:
I’ll list a set of trades I’d like to see Ned complete, assuming it could get done with the same or close to the same amount of prospects on each trade.

1) Halllday + Frasor
2) Lee + Sherrill
3) Washburn + Sherrill
4) Snell + Sherrill

If the Dodgers could pull off one of those trades, we’d have a much strong pitching staff to relief the pen for the rest of the year, as well as a much stronger punch for the playoffs.

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