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Dodgers: 2018 Postseason Bonuses Officially Announced

The Los Angeles Dodgers 2018 postseason bonus shares have been officially announced. Moreover, members of the 2018 Dodgers’ World Series team are collecting a nice payday just in time for the holidays currently.

Bill Shaikin reports that each Dodger will receive an additional $262,027.49 from the MLB postseason bonus pool. The Dodgers voted to award the 67 full share bonuses, with other partial shares and cash awards involved.

Wondering about the health of baseball? If the bonus structure is any indication, baseball is doing just fine. Given that postseason bonuses are up 4 percent from 2017 – the principal exists. Baseball must be making money to bonus the players more money. It’s no different from any company in America, folks. Well – if that company gives a bonus of a quarter-million around the holidays.

From Forbes:

For 2018.the total pool for the players in the 10 teams that made the postseason was an all-time high of $88,188,633.49 a 4% increase from the prior record of 2017 of $84,500,432.15. A full Postseason share for the 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox was worth $416,837.72, while a full share for the National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers totaled $262,027.49. That was compared to $438,901.57 for the 2017 World Champion Houston Astros and $259,722.14 for the 2017 NL Champion Dodgers. For further comparison, the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs got $368,871.59 and the 2016 AL Champion Indians got $261,804.65.

Furthermore, congrats to all those Dodgers players who brought us so much joy. You are now just a little bit more well off – and it’s well deserved.

It’s great to see baseball reward the teams who advance in the playoffs. The bottom line is just that – and players sometimes play just a little harder when they know it will thicken their wallet.

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  1. Joe Buck is an opinionated, biased, boring announcer. He is best watched with the sound button on mute. He has his favorite teams and players and continuously waxes poetic on them. He ought to study Vince Scully’s approach to announcing and copy Al Michaels. Delighted Fox does not have the Super Bowl this year so we don’t have to watch/listen to him

  2. Joe Buck is lucky to be working. John Smoltz won one WS in all the years with the Braves. Stop the whining, fellas. Maybe Buck is pissed because the Cardinals aren’t winning!! I never thought much of his skills. Smoltz reeks of a condescending fool. Buck and baseball don’t mix. Smoltz should stick to MLB Network!!

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