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Dodgers: 2019 Playoff Baseballs Were De-Juiced, According to New Study

Between the Astros and Red Sox investigations, controversial new rule changes, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Rob Manfred and the commissioner’s office have had their hands full these past few months. Another new story came to light Tuesday morning, this one regarding the baseballs in the 2019 postseason.

To sum up the investigation’s findings, there were a large quantity of baseballs in the 2019 postseason that had the same “batch codes” as 2018 balls. The 2018 balls were not nearly as “juiced” as the 2019 balls. The study references “lace thickness”, which varied from ball to ball. Player testimonials also aligned with the study’s results.

“‘Everything we saw as players would have said that the baseball was different,’ said the pitcher, who requested to remain anonymous.”

From a Dodger standpoint, one can not help but wonder if Will Smith’s fly out to the warning track in game five would have been a home run with one of the 2019 balls.

Even the Dodgers dugout instinctively thought the ball would keep on traveling, much like every normal 2019 baseball.

While playing the “what if” game is fun, the Dodgers were still playing with the same inconsistent batch of balls as the Nationals. The de-juiced balls didn’t stop Anthony Rendon or Juan Soto from going back-to-back off Clayton Kershaw in game five.

MLB has publicly rejected the notion of juiced balls in the first place, much less the de-juicing of those same balls. However, as we all know, Rob Manfred isn’t exactly the most trustworthy commissioner in professional sports. Here’s to MLB resuming play sooner rather than later, as these scandals piling up are no good for the game.

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  1. It’s not right to keep changing the balls. It affects managerial decisions ,roster construction etc. It’s as bad as any cheating scandal. The balls being different is no accident. In today’s world manufacturing techniques are down to a science, the balls just don’t all of a sudden come out different. This should be investigated and people (Manfred?) should be fined, fired and banned!

  2. Looks like Manfred is part of stealing 3 consecutive postseasons from the Dodgers. 2017 by the Asstros, 2018 by the Dead Sox, and 2019 by the Dumbass in the Commissioner’s office for using DIFFERENT balls than were used in the Regular Season. Hey, Manfred, three strikes and you are out’a here!!! Be gone. Baseball doesn’t need your kind.

    1. They wanted to manufacture a Nationals win. They knew they had the best rotation so they dejuiced the balls

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