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Dodgers: 2020 All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium Might Not be Dead After All

The baseball world will hold it’s breath this week as MLB made it clear that it was looking for a much shorter season on Monday. After receiving the player’s union request for a 114-game regular season, MLB came back and said it was looking in the 50-60 game range with full prorated salaries being paid. But Dodgers fans also want to know what happens with their scheduled All-Star Game. 

Los Angeles was set to host MLB’s 2020 All-Star Game in July, which is obviously not in the plans now. MLB made no official announcement of cancelations to the game, and the Dodgers have also not said anything in regard to it. 

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But when the report broke on Monday that the league would go after a short season, there was also a small note from The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal on the subject of the All-Star Game. Dodgers fans will want to listen up.

The players would also agree to provide a baseline number of commitments to broadcast enhancements, including in-game microphone usage and special programming away from the ballpark. In addition, the proposal allows for the possibility of an offseason Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.

So there you have it Dodgers fans, there is still a sliver of hope for the game to be played. Personally, I would much prefer the game to be called off entirely and awarded back to Los Angeles in the 2022 season. That way, we can actually get the opportunity to enjoy it as fans. 

The Dodgers spent over $100 million in upgrades to the stadium in preparation for holding the All-Star Game at Chavez Ravine. While the renovations likely would have happened soon anyway, it is a shame that we have to miss seeing it this year. 

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  1. That AS game thing would be garbage. If it was scheduled in Boston or Yankee Stadium they wouldn’t be trying sell a cheap AS game.

  2. If the 2020 All Star Game was conducted after the World Series this year, say in November, a chance exists that Dodger Stadium could accommodate 25% capacity in-person fans.

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