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Dodgers: 2020 Top 10 Prospects Released by Baseball America

The Dodgers have preached about depth and the maintenance of their farm system since the reign of president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman began and it continues to work.

The Dodgers consistently boast some of the greatest homegrown players in the league, including the most recent 2019 National League MVP, Cody Bellinger. There are more on the way like him and it is largely a testament to an amazing player development system.

On Monday, Baseball America released their top 10 list of Dodgers prospects and there were some surprising placements. Here is the link to the full Baseball America column:

Here is the top 10 list for those who are not active subscribers to Baseball America:

  1. Gavin Lux
  2. Dustin May
  3. Keibert Ruiz
  4. Tony Gonsolin
  5. Josiah Gray
  6. Jeter Downs
  7. Diego Cartaya
  8. Kody Hoese
  9. Michael Busch
  10. Luis Rodriguez

This top ten list is absolutely loaded.

Gavin Lux and Dustin May appear ready to make huge contributions to the 2020 squad with cameos in 2019 showing promise. Lux will likely enter as the starting second baseman in a platoon, barring a trade. Dustin May will likely be a rotation stalwart from the jump and could reach his upside in his second go-around, similar to Walker Buehler.

Keibert Ruiz could also find his way into a major league role late in 2020 with a September call-up appearing likely. He had a rough 2019 campaign offensively, but it’s a guarantee he will rebound in 2020 to some degree.

Tony Gonsolin should receive some innings in somewhat of a Ross Stripling type of role where he sees time in the bullpen and as a spot starter.

Josiah Gray could play the Gonsolin/May part in 2020 as he continues to shine. His trade counterpart Jeter Downs likely is more of a 2021/2022 option up the middle than a 2020 one.

Diego Cartaya and Luis Rodriguez are both present in the 7-10 range and represent tons of upside in the system as international free agents.

Kody Hoese and Michael Busch were the Dodgers’ top two draft selections in 2019 and will look to potentially make quick climbs to the big leagues.

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  1. DJ is probably 11. I think that emphasizes the quality depth. I’d love to see them let the kids play this year, and not trade them. I just don’t see Ruiz on the big league roster. Execs around the league are already calling Smith the “next Buster Posey”. Why share time and at-bats? In that scenario, no one gets into that groove that is so important to playing at this level.

    It’s okay in the minors because everyone knows they’re all working to get to the bigs. They know there’s going to be roster movement. But, once you’ve made it, its not like you can platoon like the minors. I hope they use Ruiz, and a couple lower rated prospects, to land a top LHP that is about two years out. Kershaw retires in two years. Can’t be all right-handed.

    The backup role, I believe, comes down to Barnes and Wong. It may play out until September, but Wong also has the ability to play 2B if needed, just like Barnes. But Wong can hit. Let’s see if he can keep that up til September call-ups.

  2. Having a thriving farm system is great, but if the objective is Championships then you have to use it like poker chips. You package some of your depth and youth together to acquire other teams best player.(Lindor)
    I also believe that any great bullpen has a multiple choice option closing. You don’t ask starters to do something that hasn’t happened all year… Somehow I feel better knowing that My Dodgers Lost
    To Cheaters

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