Dodgers: 3 Reasons Why Andrew Friedman is the Best Executive in Baseball!

Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman won the 2020 MLB Executive of the year award as voted on by his peers. We discuss Andrew Friedman’s tenure as Dodgers head man in charge and give you three reasons why he’s one of the very best executives in all of baseball.

Plus, we rank Andrew Friedman’s best trade steals.


Earlier this week, we also looked back and ranked Friedman’s top-10 moves since he came to LA, but when you really sit down and think about it, 10 is so limited. Andrew finally got us a World Series again! …there might be nothing he could ever do wrong in blue.


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Doug McKain

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  1. This cracks me up. Last season so many people wanted to throw Roberts and Friedman to the sharks after theNationals flameout. “Roberts is a small market GM who can’t handle a money team like the Dodgers.” The rancor was widespread and pretty raw. Now he is GM of the Year and people are jumping on the “he’s the greatest GM.” People sure have short memories.

    1. Friedman was a great hire from Day 1. He consistently found value in no-name players (Taylor/Muncy/Gonzalez). He knows how to pull off blockbuster trades when the other side is handicapped (Betts/Darvish). He is always thinking of keeping Dodgers solid across the Board.
      If there is one thing he has not done well, its choosing relief pitchers. The one time he paid a lot to Kelly, Kelly flopped. But we need a reliable closer who is righty and another who is lefty.

  2. Three reasons Friedman is the best exec)/gm in baseball:

    1. We won the world series
    2. We won the world series
    3. We won the world series

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