Dodgers: 4 Reasons Why Fans Should Not Worry About Series Loss Against The Yankees

The Dodgers and Yankees faced off at Dodger Stadium over the weekend, and it didn’t turn out well for the Dodgers. They dropped 2 of the 3 games played as key players struggled. Cody Bellinger struggled, getting just 1 hit in 10 at-bats. Although Clayton Kershaw struck out 12 batters, he gave up 3 HR’s, as well. Hyun-Jin Ryu struggled, and the batters were just not being able to put together consecutive hits, besides Justin Turner’s 2 run home-run. But, fans should not be overreacting over 1 series, and already counting the Dodgers out, from winning the World Series.

Here are 4 reasons why Dodgers fans should not worry about the series loss against the Yankees:

4. Tony Gonsolin

Tony Gonsolin’s performance in the 2nd game of the series was impressive. He had a stat line of: 5 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 2 K while throwing just 76 pitches. Gonsolin did give up a HR to Aaron Judge, but the Yankees were able to get just 2 hits off of him. The Dodgers’ fourth starter in the postseason is yet to be decided, but Gonsolin made a strong impression to be on the roster, whether it’s as a starter or a reliever. He proved that he could step up in the limelight and performed at a high level.

3. Bullpen

Joe Kelly and Kenley Jansen were able to take care of business against the Yankees on Saturday, to secure the win. However, Kenta Maeda did not pitch during this series, and the Yankees will see Maeda in the World Series if they make it out of the AL, and Maeda usually dominates as a relief pitcher. The Dodgers bullpen will look completely different in the postseason, likely featuring Dustin May, Tony Gonsolin, Kenta Maeda, and Julio Urias, amongst others, that will be a nightmare for opposing batters.

2. Constant Lineup Changes

Dave Roberts is known for trying out different lineups, a little bit too much. The Dodger batters won’t be able to get a rhythm going with constant changes to the lineup. One night Chris Taylor has a big game, and the next game, he’d come in as a pinch hitter, for example. So, the batters need to log in consecutive games, for them to get the bats going. In the postseason, Roberts will need to tighten up the lineup, and not make constant changes.

1. Injuries

This is not an excuse but more of a fact. The Dodgers had some key players missing due to injury in this series. Some of the notables being Alex Verdugo, David Freese, and Rich Hill. Julio Urias did not play in this series, due to his 20 game domestic violence suspension. Russell Martin did not play in this series due to being put on the bereavement list. The Dodgers are hoping to get those players back by next month, as they should be ready to go in October.

The Dodgers will be fine come October, and they still hold the best record in the league, after a bad series. Don’t expect to see Hyun-Jin Ryu struggle the way he did against the Yankees, from here on out. Walker Buehler did not pitch in this series, he will definitely be pitching next time these 2 teams potentially meet, as well as Rich Hill.

Ryu will likely skip a start in September due to concern over fatigue, and it could partially be due to neck stiffness, that landed Ryu on the 10-day IL, a couple of weeks ago. Clayton Kershaw gave up 3 HR, which was unusual to see. Cody Bellinger went 1-for-10 in this series, that’s not something fans will see every series, either. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for the Dodgers in this series.

Nevertheless, Dodger fans should not worry about a series loss against the Yankees in August. They will bounce back and learn from this series what they should work on, now that they got a feel of a potential World Series matchup.

Levon Satamian

My name is Levon Satamian. I am currently attending Cal State Northridge, and majoring in Broadcast Journalism.


  1. Actually, I am a bit worried. I’m not worried about what you mentioned I’m worried that when the lights get bright in Tinsel Town nevertheless (go figure), this teams offense folds under pressure. The Dodgers offense was non-existent and in my opinion Dave Roberts cannot manage a simple game or put together a simple line up. I want to see this as just another game or another series but I can’t it was more, the lights were on for the Dodgers to flex their muscles against an injured Yankees team and they didn’t. Sure you mentioned the Dodgers had injured players but so did the Yankees, instead the Dodgers showed me inconsistency when playing against AL teams. If the Dodgers plan on winning the World Series they need to show up when it matters most and this series showed me they are still not ready because they fell back to the trap that made them lose the last two World Series.

  2. I hate to agree with Arthur but he is right.I’m starting to feel like the dodgers are the big fish in a little pond. Reminds me of NFL from mid-80’s-early 90’s when Buffalo or Denver would dominate the AFC and then go down to the mighty NFC teams(SF,NYG,WAS,DAL,CHI).

    1. Jim, I too agree with Arthur and of what ya just posted here. I have seen enough to honestly hope the winner of the WC game (That’s who we will face in the 1st round of playoffs) will put this team out of the PS so we don’t have to witness 3 consecutive WS losses, especially on our home turf.

  3. Well, Belli was in the lineup every day and was 1-10 with 6 ks. Kinda reminiscent of the WS. He needs to get back to hitting like he was (not the .400 of April and May, but at least the .314 or so of June, instead of the .250 or so lately.). And maybe they should start remembering how to score other than on hrs. And the Yanks right handed power (even without Stanton) just feasts on lefties, and Kersh is gopher prone.

    1. Yes it look like Belli and the others were showing that they are in World Series form like last year

  4. You guys like to make these articles after the Dodgers get exposed against a good team. Guess what? They aren’t winning jack this year. Same as it ever was

  5. Four sad, sad reasons because the Dodgers should be downright paranoid!
    1) Injuries– the Yankees had far more pivotal players injured (Stanton, Encarnacion, Luke Voit, pitchers Luis Severino & Betances). Ohhh snap- we didn’t have Russell Martin playing!!?
    2) Lineup changes– and you think Roberts’ bullpen situation selection in the post-season is much better?
    3) Bullpen– HA!! Dodger aces in the pen are Joe Kelly, Jansen, Baez. Follow that with May, Gonsolin, Maeda, and Urias with a combined total of 2 innings of relief pitched this year! “Inherited Runs Scored percentage” – just take a wild guess at which team has the worst rate in the entire league? YES- those Dodgers (at 41%).
    4) Tony G has pitched 5 games in the bigs.. He pitched well, but maybe a little early to rest post-season hopes and dreams at his feet?

  6. Carlos, I completely agree with your analysis. It is well-reasoned and spot on in many regards. Although our offense was relatively shut down, I continue to be most concerned about our bullpen. Still, I refuse to entertain the notion of acquiring paranoia based on this last series. What I will say is that its undeniably disconcerting that the Yankees got the best of us this go around, especially when we had home field “advantage.” We have our “work” cut out for us during post season. But until they prove me wrong, I am committed to believing that the Dodgers can-and will-keep moving forward.This time last year, few believed that we would win the Division or National League, let alone actually get to the World Series.

  7. Maeda’s ERA as a relieve in the 2018 postseason was about 4.5, hardly dominant. Roberts juggles the lineup more in post season than he does in the regular season so you may want to reconsider those points.

    1. Maeda is overhyped as a reliever because of some good showings but overall he’s not that good. Apparently everyone forgot his role in that joke of a game 5 in 2017 among other bad outings

  8. LOL.. love to have what you are smoking….guess you have not watched last 4 games…they got very lucky to get one game from Yanks.. VERY!!!!

  9. Won’t get into the bullpen problems other than they suck. The reason the Dodgers have so many come from behind wins is that they can’t hit good pitching. They are lucky to score 1 run in the 1st 6 innings but then feast on bad bullpens.Against bps in the playoffs and WS they will face good bps like the Yanks have and you have seen the result. The only reason the Dodgers have sch a good record is they are in the softest division in BB. Until they get a manager that can manage(and I agree with previous statement about puppets) they may win the NL west but little else. Roberts does not know how to manage a bullpen and his constant lineup changes are a joke.

  10. The fact you had to write this is reason. The fact that nothing has been done to give Jansen a rest, he is not dominating while Chapman is a human wood chipper. You are also assuming they get to the series. Sincerely a Dodger fan

  11. We should be worrying. We are not hitting. Keyshaw is having a good year but, too many HRs. Ryu has pitched great but, is this really him? Gonsolin is good however under pressure what? May has already said he doesn’t like reliving. That means Kelly, Urias and Jansen. Maeda is no guarantee. We need to start hitting. Bellinger is pitched inside and needs to adjust. Where is the hitting coach.? Also, Kersh only good for 6 innings.

  12. The answer is simple. The guys on the team do not believe they are the better team, ever… period!
    Dozens of times over the last century teams in all major sports that were underdogs ended up winning it all, witness the Dodgers in 1988 as an example.
    The bottom line is these guys aren’t convinced they’re good enough, that they really can win when it really counts.
    Personally I would like to see more management from the gut instead of pure statistics but I’ve realized that isn’t going to happen with this FO.

  13. Might I offer up 4 reason we, loyal Dodger faithful, should be worried :
    1. The Yankees just took 2/3 in our park;
    2. The Yankees had just lost a series to the Athletics; does this mean the Athletics are a better team than the Blue Crew?;
    3.Kershaw is inconsistent and gives up too many dingers in the early innings;
    4. Failure to score runs on a consistent basis;
    5. The Yankees are leading the majors in total homeruns;
    6. Our BP is inconsistent at best;
    7. German and Paxton are very good pitchers and they handled us easily; Sabathia gives up dingers rather frequently and we beat him
    8. Too much emphasis on the “shift: had Gregorius been able to put down a bunt, we might have lost that Saturday game.
    I love my Dodgers without question, and these are harsh realities, but face it, we are not the strongest team heading towards the playoffs. Go Blue!!!

      1. BLUE LOU! pretty much right on on all your reasons. And to sum it up we are NOT really the best team in MLB We have holes and issues that you and I all know of from watching these games. and remember, PD Jr. watches them too and is and has been seeing the same things take place.

  14. “2. Constant Lineup Changes
    Dave Roberts is known for trying out different lineups, a little bit too much. The Dodger batters won’t be able to get a rhythm going with constant changes to the lineup. One night Chris Taylor has a big game, and the next game, he’d come in as a pinch hitter, for example. So, the batters need to log in consecutive games, for them to get the bats going. In the postseason, Roberts will need to tighten up the lineup, and not make constant changes.”
    Well to whom it may concern folks, Dodgers (FO & Roberts) will most likely do the same thing here again come the PS and expecting different results that we know won’t take place.

    1. AZUL, the last sentence of your above post is most telling, and, right on point. Roberts probably do the same thing in this upcoming post season. And, what is worse, he will expect different results. Frankly, we need a little bird named PD Jr. to whisper in the FO’s ear and straighten them out. It would not hurt!!!!! Go Blue!!

  15. Seriously?
    Yankees were missing Stanton, Hicks, Severino,
    Voit, Betances, Maybin, Gregorious, Andujar and others. Dodgers were facing several 2nd and 3rd stringers.

    Dodgers injuries not in the same universe.

    Can’t believe you even went there….


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