Dodgers: 5 Reasons Why the 2020 World Series Championship is as Legitimate as any in MLB History

With the one-year anniversary of the Dodgers winning their first World Series Championship in 32 years, I’ve decided to reopen a topic that I dread talking about, and that is the legitimacy of LA’s 2020 World Series title. The 2020 MLB season, although 63% shorter of a standard 162-game season, presented obstacles never experienced in modern Major League Baseball and I make the case that the 2020 World Series Championship is as legitimate as any title in the history of the sport.

From having to be the first team to trudge its way through the gauntlet of an expanded postseason that required the champion to win an unprecedented thirteen games in four rounds, to having to play in empty ballparks, to having to adhere to the many protocols associated with playing through a global pandemic, the abbreviated 2020 MLB season presented unique challenges that teams normally wouldn’t have to overcome.

We give you our top five reasons why the Dodgers 2020 World Series Championship should be viewed in the same light as any World Series won in a full 162-game season. Plus, Dodgers fans give their response to the naysayers, who label LA’s 2020 World Series title a “Mickey Mouse” championship.


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  1. My comment to the critics is…..I am sure your team would have rejected the trophy if they had won, right? And you would have been in support of that, right? Why did they even bother playing the season, then? Someone was going to win. The fact that the Dodgers won 106 games in 2021 shows they weren’t a fluke in 2020.

  2. They needed to win this year for that parade and proper fan celebrations in a stadium full of people. Watch 2020 be the only one they win, it would be very Dodger for that to happen

  3. Since all teams participated in the quest for the WS, so how is not legitimate? The season before and after 2020 has more than enough proof that the Dodgers WS victory is legitimate.

    Things that are and were proven to be illegitimate were the over-hyping of San Diego and its proof lies in their season-ending 26 games out of first place.