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Dodgers: A Competitor Emerges In Corey Kluber Sweepstakes

The offseason hot stove is the flame that keeps the Los Angeles Dodgers and Corey Kluber burning. Throughout the month of December, Kluber to the Dodgers has seemed a very active and believable rumor thrown about. Now, Jon Morosi is reporting that the Dodgers are still in the hunt, albeit with a sparring partner.

That sparring partner is none other than the division rival San Diego Padres.

Moreover, Morosi states that the Indians have their choice of Alex Verdugo from the Dodgers or Manuel Margot from the Padres. Either player would make a fine centerpiece in a trade for the 33-year old ace. Margot will be 24 years old and has shown some upside for San Diego. Verdugo is 22 years old and figures to be a very low-floor type prospect.

The most interesting aspect of all this to me: why are the Indians so intent on trading Corey Kluber? Pitchers of his caliber are hard to find. It’s one thing if the package for Kluber is an overblown offer. However, these names been thrown about are not what one might expect in exchange for a two-time Cy Young Award winner.

One must begin to wonder if the Indians uncovered some health problems that could occur down the line as Kluber reaches his later years. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Furthermore, if that is the case; the winner in the Kluber sweepstakes could end up being the loser. It appears that the Indians are motivated to move their ace this winter, and an NL team is going to be who takes him home.

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  1. I don’t think Friedman wants to trade Verdugo. I’ll bet there is a combination of top 20 players in play for Kluber, and maybe even Joc Pederson, but Verdugo is the kind of hitter the Dodgers desperately need. He is a contact guy, not a boom or bust type. This team has enough of that kind of hitter. Kluber could make the Dodger rotation elite. The only guys I trust in our present rotation are Kershaw and Buehler right now. Rich is solid, Ryu overhyped and Kenta inconsistent.

    1. I’d slot Urias in after or before Hill, and push Maeda to the BP. Would rework his incentives to be more BP-reachable than what they are now.

    2. It seems they feel as safe about Verdugo’s pedigree as you and I, Ralph. I agree and get that feeling.

      1. Clint, if Verdugo is indeed dealt to Indians or any other team, this trade MUST bring back the right return and NOT THE so called return we got in that trade with the Reds.

    3. Agree on Ryu being overhyped. Not worth the money he is getting for the one year and there is a reason he chose the one year deal versus testing free agency. He is okay but basically a soft throwing and oft injured player…

    4. Ryu is overhyped and Maeda is inconsistent??? I’m guessing you believe Santa Clause is real too.

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